Poland Council of Ministers has adopted a draft law that would compensate the sectors contributing to the greenhouse gas emissions Ych for 2021 on Saturday, February 5, 2022. The companies included under the new law would be production, steel, copper or hydrogen and applicable for the sectors and energy-efficient sub-sectors.

Moreover, It is for those sectors which have adapted Polish laws to the European Commission guidelines.


While informing about the decision, the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki, through his Facebook Page, cited,” Together with the Council of Ministers, we adopted a draft law on a system of compensation for sectors and energy-efficient sub-sectors. This would help us adapt Polish law to the European Commission guidelines regarding the trading system with the contributions of greenhouse gas emissions Ych for 2021″.

He further stressed that with the new regulations, the authorized companies will be permitted to obtain compensation under the rules such as KE for 2021-2030. The companies would be recognized when they are transferring the costs of the purchase of greenhouse gas emissions to the prices of the electricity, especially those which would be used to produce products.

By specifying the benefits of the new rule, the PM of Poland expressed,” With such type of solution the government has aimed to the limit the risk of transferring the production to the countries which are following or running the climate policy rigorously as what is in the European Union“.

Furthermore, the country will use the formula which aided the government to calculate the maximum number of compensation. The programme will be introduced to increase the assistance in the wake of the reduction of the number of intermediate costs. The costs would also be covered at the enterprise level to 1.5 percent of added value, as per the Prime Minister of Poland.

“The support which would demonstrate the intermediate cost will be covered in the entire electricity consumption, regardless of the source of its origin”.




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