On Tuesday, January 25, 2022, Poland Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has clarified that the country would always be determined to support the integration of Ukraine with Europe and the West. While expressing his concern on the tension between Ukraine and Russia, Prime Minister also condemn Germany for its double standard.

In his Facebook post, PM condemned Germany and wrote,” I am concerned and get devastated while watching the situation in Ukraine. But I feel terrible after getting the reactions of our German neighbours on the threat from Russia; he further disappointingly added,” I was disappointed after hearing that Germany is all set to supply weapons from Estonia to a country that is ready to defend against an aggressor.


He further asserted that the countries have always warned about Russia’s gas blackmail, the Nord Stream 2 construction, as Putin has invested in billions in Europe, underscored,” The money invested in the former politician and lobbyists has given the power to Putin to terrorise other European countries”.

While emphasising his stand on the ongoing tensions, PM Morawiecki cited,” For many years, the country always has supported Ukraine, and in future, it would always ensure and determined the integration of the country to Europe and the West. We had opposed the act of invasion of Russia when they illegally occupied Crimea. So, we are always with our neighbour Kyiv”.

PM also demanded the freedom, democracy, security and rights of the citizens of Ukraine and ensured that they would stand with the country to ensure its sovereignty, adding,” We are always on the side of peace”.

He further asserted that they have to respond to Russia on the matter of invasion reluctantly, and with the beginning of 2022, European Unions, NATO has faced immense challenges.

NATO was the first to respond on the matter, and the meeting on the subject is going on with USA, Great Britain, Poland and other essential alliance countries; PM further added,” I believe that with the proper action and full power, the countries such as Poland and entire Europe would participate in the matter”.

PM further stressed that the countries must show unity and flexibility towards the new-imperialistic Kremil politics, with totally destructing international law, good customs and diplomacy.


He also mentioned that he talked with the president of the Council of the European Union, Charles MICHEL, today about the matter and asserted that Europe must be united when it comes to a common market and other issues.

“We have to be united and stand for the freedom, democracy, lives and safety of the inhabitants of our continent are at risk. We must show solidarity even if the country does not belong to the EU and NATO structures,” PM cited.



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