Russia has recently invaded Ukraine last month, and now Poland is worried that they could be the next target. As per reports, the number of people going to shoot gun has quintupled qt Strzelnica Wazszawiank, a gun range in Polish capital of Warsaw, and majority of them are women.

As per Marcin Chewinski, “People, who never touched guns are coming in to learn out of fear so that they can defend themselves, whenever the situation occurs.”


Chewinski said, “Amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, more people are coming ahead to learn how to use weapons and shoot. They’re scared of their families and their own self. They want to learn how to use weapons because it’s yet not known what could happen in Poland.”

Chewinski also said thag Poland is also having same weapons that Ukrainians or Russians have which maybe a comfort to civilians.

Notably, Poland’s gun laws are strict and it can take months to go through the required checks before a gun can be owned.

Meanwhile, Chewinski said that Polish government might be planning to drop gun rules shortly, which will make it easier for his fellow nationals to protect themselves in case Russian threat arises.

He further highlighted that in case if a person want to have access to weapons, one must have a psychiatric clearance. One cannot just show their ID and buy a weapon. We wonder if that becomes in the case of US, so many fatal shootings could be avoided.


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