On Sunday (January 29, 2022), Poland Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has condemned the countries who have supported Russia on the matter of Ukraine unrest and asserted the security issues in Europe.

While sharing his meeting with the conservative European Parties Summit leaders on the Facebook Post, Prime Minister Morawiecki noted,” I met today with the conservative European Parties Summit leaders in Madrid.


The Summit is run under the slogan “Defend Europe“, and based on the topic called before depopulation, social inequality, economic and energy crisis, and centralization and deprivation of citizens of sovereign EU countries the right to decide their future.

He asserted,” In the meeting, we have discussed the threat poses from the east to Europe and the speculation about the attack our borders by using illegal migrants. Moreover, the talking between us was majorly focused on the escalation of aggressive actions of Russia W. Putin against Ukraine. However, there is no greater threat to peace on our continent today”.

He further condemned opposition politicians such as Civic Platform and asserted that they have never taken any real action to change the mindset of the German politicians, which is now affecting the entire EU with the harmful project called NordStream2.

“They were with CDU for years in the European People’s Party with the President named Dr Tusk have never taken the initiative to convince the German colleagues to resign from the harmful policy which provides a ready-to-use weapon against Ukraine and all of Europe to Russia, underscored by PM.

PM further clearly said that what is happening today east of Europe’s borders is also the effect of the Platform’s actions or the actions that the Platform should be taken to influence the change of the policy of its CDU Euro party colleagues.

He also exclaimed,” I think if the talks between them held like this meeting that there would be not such unrest outbreak in Europe and but it was not only against Poland’s national interest but also against Europe.


While condemning the steps taken by Russia and the unrest created by it, Prime Minister Morawiecki emphasized,” We are very well aware that there are many politicians who look like Russia differently than Poland. There are different approaches, but by living several tho7snads kilometres from Russian borders, they could not realize how the real threat is, and they would treat President Vladimir Putin as a rational and responsible partner”.

He further asserted that the various politicians had turned their eyes to more than two decades of his aggressive, often criminal politics. It is very unfortunate the approach of Russia is so common in Western Europe as with the sympathy of the political leaders from left to right.

Prime Minister of Poland also explained that this is the reason that they have held the meeting with those politicians and parties who have similar view points and added,” We have talks and connected with each other and also discuss the topics about the issues we have different perspectives. We have shown our concern on the seriousness of the danger from President Putin”.

“By making an honest discussion on the topics such as the threat from the east, I have got a lot of support for the politics we have created and also for the adequate measures to enhance the security across the borders. Moreover, the discussion on the protection of the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine was also there in the meeting, and we have condemned the actions and the steps taken by the Russian regime”, noted Prime Minister of Polish.

While emphasizing the work done by the European leaders, PM of Poland added,” I am very thankful our European partners for being together with us clearly and making strong efforts to counter the threat and confer the peace in Europe”.



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