Russia’s official Investigative Committee investigates the alleged use of chemical weapons by Ukrainian forces near the eastern Ukrainian villages of Soledar and Bakhmut. Moscow is looking into the matter even though the Ukrainian Armed Forces say they have never used chemical weapons.

Ukraine has responded by accusing Russia of spreading false information and using illegal weapons, such as “phosphorus and chloropicrin bullets.” The investigation committee in Moscow reported that Russian servicemen stationed in Donetsk have become sicker as a result of Ukraine’s “use of chemical weapons.”


After Ukrainian military blogger Robert Madiar boasted that Ukrainian armed forces are deploying chemical weapons to drive Russians from their lands, accusations of employing chemical weapons by Kyiv forces against Russian troops have risen.

The Ukrainian known as Rambo declares with pride in their blog that they would use chemical weapons to attack the Russians. He displays a large number of chemical weapons, drones, and his colleagues put toxic bottles on top of the drones.

Russia criticised NATO for failing to respond to Ukraine’s open use of prohibited chemical weapons and for continuing to assist it despite committing several war crimes on the battlefield.

Diaspora of various nations worldwide denounced Ukraine for using chemical weapons and NATO’s blatant support for it. They urged the USA and NATO to look into the matter and punish those involved harshly if proven guilty.

Elon Musk, a multibillionaire businessman and the owner of Starlink and SpaceX, recently claimed that Starlink had stopped providing internet and satellite services to Ukraine because that country had been utilising those facilities to use chemical weapons on Russian soil under satellite guidance.


Mykhailo Podolyak, a close adviser to President Zelensky, criticised the decision, adding that Musk should have chosen either Ukraine for freedom or Russia to support invasion and slaughter.

Musk only said that the internet services delivered by satellite are intended to be used for education and development, not for using to deploy drones carrying chemical weapons.