The online employment advertisement looking for truck drivers to transport fuel and other items. Some of them promise to work alongside the Ukrainian border with Russia and Belarus. But Ukraine’s government is calling the postings directly linked to Russia’s military, which is trying to hire local truck drivers familiar with Ukraine’s roads.

As per the Center for Countering Disinformation, part of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, “Since March 19, there has been a sharp rise in online advertisements for trucker jobs in Ukraine.


Alongside, the agency said, “Anyone who applies could be taken hostage and put into dangerous situations, and possibly be forced to commit crimes against their own nation.

Warning signs include ads for truckers with experience driving fuel tankers- likely to supply Russian vehicles, the agency said- and refrigerated cargo, likely for moving bodies.

Some of the advertisements mention working along Ukraine’s borders or in Georgia or Armenia, but others seek drivers with knowledge of roads within Ukraine, the agency said.

The agency stated the advertisement is part of the Russian military’s attempt to give new momentum to its invasion, which has been hobbled both by Ukrainian resistance and poor logistical planning.





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