Moscow– The Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov on Friday said that, “Moscow was ready for talks if military of Ukraine surrenders, as he insisted that invading forces were looking to free the nation from oppression.”

According to Lavrov, during a statement, “Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to conduct a special military operation to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine so that, freed from oppression, Ukrainians themselves could freely determine their future.”


The statement added that Moscow intends to overthrow the Ukrainian authorities with its invasion.

He mentioned that Moscow is ready for talks with Kyiv if the Ukrainian army surrenders.

Lavrov said, “We are ready for talks at any moment, as soon as the armed forces of Ukraine respond to our call and lay down their arms. Nobody intends to occupy Ukraine.”

At the same time, Ukrainian presidential advisory Mykhailo Podolyak said, “Ukraine wants peace and is ready for talks with Russia, including on the neutral status regarding NATO.”

“It talks are possible, and it should be held. If they say they want to hold talks in Moscow, including on neutral status, we are not afraid of this as well, “he quoted. “We can talk about that as well.”

“Our readiness for dialogue is part of our persistent pursuit of peace.”



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