A representative for New Voice of Ukraine and BBC freelancer Euan Macdonald has provided a satellite photograph of Dnipro, where Russia recently used an anti-ship missile to hit a residential structure. Twenty persons lost their lives in the fighting, 84 were hurt, and 32 were rescued from the wreckage.


According to Macdonald, certain fascists and proponents of Russian propaganda are circulating false information claiming a Russian missile was struck by Ukrainian defensive systems, and it diverted the missile from its intended target. They implied that Ukraine was to blame in their assertion.

Macdonald emphasized that It’s an ordinary residential district in the Dnipro region where the Russian Kh-22 anti-ship missile struck. There’s no single target in the vicinity, even tangentially related to the military. This atrocity should be urgently investigated as a war crime.

He continued by saying that Russia had already committed numerous atrocities in various parts of the country, making this not the first time it had performed a war crime on Ukrainian ground.

The slaughter in Bucha, the missile attacks on Kyiv, the attack on the maternity hospital in Zaporzhizia, and the missile strike on a public store around Christmas were all highlighted by Macdonald.

He claimed that while the international government just quarrelled, Russia continued to assault populated areas. To protect the innocent from the wicked that cruelly massacred innocent people, it is compulsory to take strict measures against Moscow.

Macdonald commented that the conflict in Dnipro is getting viral on Social media platforms and uploaded pictures of the region on his social media accounts.


He urged the users that everyone is welcome to comment and share their views on the situation. Still, if you support fascist Russia, spread Kremlin propaganda or deny genocide, you’ll be blocked. “In most cases, I give the reason for the block for the benefit of others”, said a BBC freelancer.

He remarked that it is still unclear whether the missile was intentionally targeted at that building. Still, there are targets further away, not in the immediate vicinity, that the rocket possibly overshot. That does not alter that firing such an inaccurate missile as the Kh-22 into a city is probably a war crime, and this case requires urgent investigation.


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