Castries, Saint Lucia: On April 2, 2023, Philip J. Pierre, Prime Minister and Financial Minister of Saint Lucia, extended his wishes to the island’s residents on the holy occasion of Palm Sunday. Yesterday, Palm Sunday was celebrated worldwide with Palm branches.

As mentioned in the Bible, on this day, Jesus arrived in Jerusalem and was greeted by the people by waving palm branches. For Christians, it is a reminder that everyone must welcome Jesus in their hearts and must follow their teachings and lessons.


While congratulating the populace of Saint Lucia on the holy day of Palm Sunday, Minister J. Pierre briefly explained its history and significance.

He wrote, “As we observe Palm Sunday, we are reminded of Jesus’ victorious entry into Jerusalem, the author said. The crowds shouted “Hosanna!” and waved palm branches as they greeted Him. It was a time of happiness and celebration“.

Minister J. Pierre explained that the teachings of the Christian God Jesus Christ further say that the journey of Lord Jesus finished on the cross, where he suffered and died so that humanity could live. “However, the trip concluded on the cross, where Jesus suffered and died so we might live”.

He urged people to remember the name of Jesus constantly and always to follow the path of God and his teachings while discussing Palm Sunday in additional detail.

Furthermore, “Palm Sunday is a reminder that our journey as Christians will involve challenges and miseries, just like Jesus did,” PM Phillip J. Pierre was quoted as saying. We won’t succeed without Him”, said PM J. Pierre.

A few moments later, Minister J. Pierre suggested everyone follow God’s path and his teaching without asking for any explanations until the last breath.


He said, “Let’s utilize this Palm Sunday as an opportunity to renew the commitment to walk on the path given by Jesus, through the highs as well as lows of life, and to trust in his neverending love and grace. Have a blessed Holy Week.”



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