The Ministry of Health of Spain on Thursday has released data on Thursday that over 1,047 people have been succumbed in this year’s second heatwave as temperature crossed scale of 40℃ in several parts of the nation over the last 10 days.

These heat-related deaths were recorded from July 10-19, as per the data collected by the Monitorization of Daily Mortality (MoMo).


The scorching heat has affected mostly the people of elder age, of which 672 of the victims were aged 85 or over, 241 were among 75 and 84, 88 ageing between 65 and 74.

Meanwhile, spokesperson for the Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMET), Bea Hervella said mortality was higher among people with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Helvella believes that problem mainly lies in the body’s temperature regulation mechanism, which is not fully developed among young people but often overreacts among the elderly.

At the same time, the chief of emergency services at Torrejon Hospital in Madrid, Paul Mollina said, “The consequences of heat and dehydration can affect you hours after being exposed to the heat.”

As per the information shared by the Carlos III Health Institute, “The very first heatwave of this summer in Spain has been started on June 11 and lasted a week. The mercury was way above 40℃ and 829 people have been succumbed to the heat-related problems.”


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