Politician and Prime Minister of St Kitts & Nevis, Dr Terrance Drew, visited JNF Hospital to meet the Emergency Medical Technicians who began the second phase of the EMS training this week, on Saturday, June 3, 2023, to share a few words of Encouragement for their consistent efforts and hard work.

Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew took to his social media recently on Saturday, June 3, 2023, to express his pleasure and share about his visit to the JNF hospital to meet the Emergency Medical Technicians who began the second phase of the EMS training being conducted by a former paramedic from the United Kingdom and founder of EMS International, Matthew Rolph this week. He also shared some glimpses from his visit to the JNF Hospital, discussing with the Emergency Medical Technicians and encouraging and inspiring them to work efficiently and learn and enhance their skills.


Further, The Prime Minister feels deeply pleasured and shared that with consistent efforts and hard work, the Emergency Medical Technicians have been making tremendous progress and are gaining the essential skills to improve their specific skills and create an effective advancement in the field.

PM Dr Terrance shared that the EMTs are also efforting to bring the rise and improvise their CPR skills and enhance their patient evacuation skills from the scene of an accident or injury and teach life-saving techniques before getting patients to the hospital.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Dr Drew expressed his gratitude and pleasure to the former paramedic to the United Kingdom and the founder of EMS, Matthew Rolph, for contributing his consistent efforts to the EMTs by taking the beautiful sessions at JNF and shared that by this step of training will upgrade the primary and intermediate level EMTs to trained paramedics.


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