The Embassy of Switzerland in the Philippines staff participated in an intellectual stress management and resilience workshop to boost team harmony and create a stress-free workplace environment on Monday, June 5, 2023 and also shared some glimpses from their meeting.

The Embassy of Switzerland in the Philippines took to their official social media handle recently to express their pleasure over the successful end up of the meeting of the staff of the Embassy of Switzerland in the Philippines on Monday, June 5, 2023, to promote peace and harmony in the workplaces and maintain a natural and stress-free work environment. While expressing their pleasure and gratitude over the staff members of the Embassy of Switzerland in the Philippines, The Embassy also shared some glimpses from their meeting g on their official social media handle, where all the staff members participated in various activities organised by the Embassy and holding multiple discussions and negotiations on how to keep our work environment peaceful, calm and stress-free.


The Switzerland Embassy shared that the successful meeting of all the staff members has provided certain benefits to them, with boosted camaraderie between teams and helpful insight into managing stress in the workplace.

Further, The Embassy shared that a successful meeting of the staff members provided an instance of how to balance and maintain a calm and peaceful environment despite the differences in terms of cultures, thoughts and environment and maintain a stress-free environment and how to work on their differences, added, “In a setting where different cultures assimilate day to day, it is essential to know how we all balance each other and work with our shared similarities and differences.”

At last, The Embassy expressed their pleasure and gratitude to the staff members for their excellent and effective cooperation at the workshop and shared that the session was fun, productive, and insightful.