Fiji was represented at the 2023 Human Capital Ministerial Conclave plenary session

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Hon Prof. Biman Prasad, participated at the 2023 Human Capital Ministerial Conclave plenary session on Friday, 13 October, during the margins of the 2023 Annual meeting for World Bank and IMF held in Marrakech, Morocco.

Meet Doris, A Remarkable resident of Benalla Rural City Council, Australia

Victoria, Australia: Benalla Rural City Council recognized the role and contributions of Benalla's group of Older people to their Community and introduced their remarkable old resident, Doris. She's been living in Benalla for 25 years.

SpinOff Bulgaria introduces their distinguished speaker Mariyana Hamanova

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Science and Innovation-based Non-profit Organisation called SpinOff Bulgaria is delighted to announce the Chief Executive of Cleantech Bulgaria as a distinguished speaker at the Innovative Agrotech Solutions Panel on Friday, September 29, 2023, Mariyana Hamanova.

US Embassy in Riga, Latvia, Marta honours Marta Krivade on being selected for Humphrey Fellowship Program

The United States Embassy in Riga, Latvia, extended greetings to the Public Health policy professional Marta Krivade for being chosen for the Humphrey Fellowship Program 2023.

WWF Belgium marks International Lions Day 2023

The Belgium-based Environmental Conservation Organisation, WWF Belgium, to mark and honour International Lions Day, Yesterday (Thursday), August 10, 2023, shared the story of survival and resilience, Lady Liuwa.

Kathmandu, Nepal: Patan-based Lakshmi Nakarmi emerges to transform her three decades back idea into a Lucrative business

Kathmandu, Nepal: Lakshmi Nakarmi, a young woman from the ancient city of Patan, accompanied by her staff members and three sisters, emerges to turn business into transform her work into a lucrative business by using a less to no regarded corn husk into a delicate artwork.

St Kitts & Nevis: PM Dr Terrance Drew shares vision for sustainable development at PACC 2023 Summit in Bahamas

St Kitts & Nevis: Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew attended the Atlantic council Partnership to Address the Climate Crises 2030 ( PACC 2023) Climate Resilience Clean Energy Summit in the Bahamas on Friday, June 9, 2023, expressed his desire to continue the partnership and shared insight on the Federation’s Sustainable Island State Agenda.

Kristu Krustev Becomes New Minister of Culture in Bulgaria

Bulgaria: The new Minister of Culture, Kristu Krastev, took over the position of the former Minister of Culture in Bulgaria, Nayden Todorov at a brief transitional ceremony yesterday, Tuesday, June 6, 2023. The former Minister of Culture, Nayden Todorov, has also addressed some kind words and pleasure over his successor. The Bulgaria Ministry of Culture shared the update recently.

KNOW HERE: Unique Facts about Intore Dance of Rwanda, East Africa

The Intore Dancers, renowned for their remarkable technique, have enormously impacted the Regional traditions and have efficiently showcased their exceptional abilities by leaping over 2.40 meters. Their fame as dancers spread worldwide when they performed at the 1958 World Expo in Brussels. Today, Intore dancers have remained an integral and exceptional part of Rwanda's rich traditions.

Ukraine Embassy feels pride over Ukrainian soldiers participating in Largest Brussels Marathon

The Embassy of Ukraine in Belgium expressed gratitude and pleasure over the Ukrainian Military Veterans Yuri Tsintilevych, Yuri Kozlovsky and Roman Kashpur, who joined the largest Brussels 20 KM race in Belgium this year to showcase their strength and courage in confronting the Russian enemies.

READ HERE ABOUT: Val San Nicolo, Largest Hydrographic basin in Italy

Italy: The Val San Nicolò (Val de Sèn Nicolò in Ladin) is a valley in the Dolomites, located in the largest hydrographic basin of the Val di Fassa, entirely in San Giovanni di Fassa in Italy. The highest point of the valley is the Cima dell'Uomo, to the east (3010 meters above sea level), belonging to the Marmolada mountain group. The Rio di San Nicolò flows through it, originating from the locality of Jonta, famous for its waterfalls.

KNOW HERE: Graceful features of Fulani woman, representing African Culture

Africa: The Fulani woman, an embodiment of grace, strength, and resilience, is an integral part of the rich fusion of African culture. Hailing from the Fulani ethnic group, which stretches across several countries in West Africa, she carries the traditions, customs, and beauty that define her heritage.

West Africa: Griot Xalam Player: Preserving Heritage and Captivating Souls in Senegal

The Xalam is the Traditional Lute; originated from West Africa, it is a Wooden Oval body whose top is covered with cattle. a Griot couple from Senegal in the early 20th century. Signifying their culture and traditions and providing a window into the rich traditions of storytelling and music within Senegalese society.


Late controversial penalty denies Newcastle shock victory at Parc des Princes

The turning point came in the match's dying moments when referee Szymon Marciniak, following a VAR review, awarded a penalty for handball against Tino Livramento

French Interior Minister Proposes Ban on ultra-right Groups Amidst Rising Tensions Following Schoolboy’s murder

The incident occurred during a village dance on November 18, resulting in the fatal stabbing of Thomas and the subsequent eruption of tensions that have been seized upon by extreme-right activists

PM Drew graces presence on launch of Kidney Transplant Program

St Kitts and Nevis: The Prime Minister Terrance Drew marked his presence on the launch of Kidney (renal) Transplant Program which took place at Joseph N. France General Hospital. The objective of launching this initiative is to provide treatment to...

Tragic stabbing incident sparks far-right response in southeastern France

The town of Romans-sur-Isere witnessed over 6,000 people marching in memory of the young victim, and tensions escalated when around 40 ultra-right activists gathered in the town center on Sunday

Paris Saint-Germain dominates Monaco 5-2 ahead of crucial Champions League clash with Newcastle

The win sets the stage for a high-stakes Champions League showdown against Newcastle, as PSG seeks redemption following a 4-1 defeat earlier in the competition