Tornado creates havoc in Mississippi’s Tupelo!

In late Sunday Night, a tornado hit the Mississippi. Many destruction were reported around the city. This tornado damaged building and power lines were lying on the streets.

The National Weather Service already predicted about the Tornado and asked people to take shelters. Tweets were made as soon as the tornado started in Tupelo. The National Weather Service quoted that “It is a Life Threatening situation.”

After the tornado was gone, Tupelo mayor’s office persons asked people to stay at their respective home so that the damages occurred due to the tornado could be analyzed.

Tupelo mayor’s office people asked people to keep their crew members and other people in their prayers and moreover warned people about the power lines lying on the roads so that no body moves out.

More than two communities faced severe damages due to the tornado. The same tornado caused destruction in town of Calhoun City. This town lies 50 miles south west of the Tupelo.

The videos obtained from various sources shows that the crew members are trying to clean up the mess created by the tornedo. he uprooted tress and the power line lying in the roads are being cleaned by the crew members.

Calhoun County Sheriff said that the damages are worst due to the tornado. The city was hit very hard by the the tornado and trees have uprooted and damaged houses as well as vehicles. Luckily no person is injured during the tornado. He further added that crew members are tying to clean up the the mess and clear off the road so until then he requested everyone to stay off the roads and remain safely in their houses.

Another tornado hit the Yazoo city earlier on Sunday. Yazoo city lies 120 miles south west to Calhoun city and 170 miles southwest to Tupelo. It was also a damaging tornado.

Director of Emergency Management of Yazoo city said that they report no injuries but damages were  heavy.