European Union (EU) have faced massive protest from various European Countries, and Belgium became the country where the protest will be majorly focused. The thousands of truckers from the European Countries are heading towards Belgium in outrage against the various mandates regarding the infection caused by the novel coronavirus of the EU.

The protestors from the countries such as France, Belgium, Netherland, Portugal, Italy, etc. have joined the demonstration, and the truckers are going to Belgium for showing their anger.


The demonstrators have protested under the banner named Freedom Convoy 2022, where they are accusing the European Union of exploiting their freedom of truckers. Moreover, the demonstrators have appealed to the citizens of the various countries of Europe to other citizens to join the protest.

The citizens have also started a campaigned on social media and showed various images of the truckers heading toward Belgium.

Demonstrators have chosen February 14, 2022, for the Freedom Convey 2022, and now people have started the convey in Europe.

Moreover, Belgium has started its Freedom Convoy; however, the vent would take place on February 14, 2022. In convoy, the people from all across Europe would join the convey and came to Brussels. The protest has started to put immense pressure on the European Union so that they could end all the COVID-19 restrictions, such as mandatory vaccination against the novel coronavirus for truckers to enter Europe.

Thousands of truckers have headed towards Belgium for protesting against the European Union on February 14, 2022.


While emphasizing the need for the protest, one of the citizens named Bernie’s Tweets asserted,” EUROPE – Truckers and supporters from Helsinki, Belgium, France, Italy & Netherlands, this is an international protest of workers, all are heading to Brussels. The European Convoy for freedom has begun. It’s time”.

She also asserted that it is not revolutionary to want the right to earn a living, the right to how one should live his life and the right to enjoy bodily autonomy. It’s normal! If you aren’t fighting for these basic needs, then back off and let the rest of us get on with it.

Further, Pelham on Twitter also cited,” Helsinki.. Now Netherlands, Belgium, France and many more European countries are mobilizing for a huge international convoy heading towards Brussels”.

Freedom Convey was firstly started by the international truckers based in Canada in outrage against the policy of the Canadian government of getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 before entering Canada.




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