Around half of Belgium people don’t know where their electricity comes from: Study

Almost half of Belgians don’t know where their electricity comes from, according to a study from the energy platform Bolt Energie.

The spread of monkeypox was sexual transmission at raves in Europe: WHO

A top adviser to the World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed the unprecedented outbreak of monkeypox in developed nations as "a random event" that might be explained by sexual behaviour at two recent raves.

Switzerland remains most popular destination for German emigrants among EU: Reports

The Federal Statistical Office of Germany (Destatis) has mentioned that Switzerland remains the most popular destination for German emigrants among all other European countries.


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A handful of Hindu groups have filed a police grievance against Twitter nation chief after politically susceptible areas were illustrated outside a map of India on its site, provoking an inquiry in a new headache for the U.S. tech company.

A graph on Twitter’s businesses page exhibited Jammu and Kashmir, alleged by both India and Pakistan, as well as the Buddhist enclave of Ladakh exterior of India.

The graph incited an uproar on social media this weekend that appears amid strained associations between Twitter and New Delhi over the company’s subordination with India’s recent IT regulations.

The grievance indicts Twitter’s India chief, Manish Maheshwari, and another corporation executive of breaching the nation’s IT restrictions as well as legislation formulated to stave off hostility and hatred between groups.

“This has damaged my emotions and those of the people of India,” Praveen Bhati, an administrator of the group Bajrang Dal in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, said in the grievance which was surveyed by Reuters. He also called it an edict of crime.

Twitter did not react to a plea for the announcement. As of Tuesday, the diagram was no longer noticeable in its location.

Cyber authorities in the central state of Madhya Pradesh documented an identical grievance against Maheshwari, who only this month was indicted by police in Uttar Pradesh for ceasing to function to halt the spread of a video that allegedly provoked spiritual disagreement. Maheshwari did not experience any punishment in that case.

Corporations such as Twitter must presently nominate a chief compliance officer, a complaint officer, and another executive to liaise with legislation enforcement and the administration on lawful petitions. LinkedIn job postings indicate the three roles that are available on Twitter.

A senior government administrator formerly warned Reuters that Twitter may no longer be competent to seek detriment protection as an intermediary or the legion of user subjects in India due to its loss to accept the new IT regulations. Activists say, nonetheless, it is an issue for the judiciaries to agree on.

Last year, the chief of an Indian parliamentary committee condemned Twitter for hurting the feelings of New Delhi’s sovereignty, after a mapping database indicated the Indian-ruled province as a fraction of China in what the social media company said was an instantly settled blunder.

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Twitter removes map showing Ladakh, J&K outside India!