The Unit Manager of a Life Insurance Company, PRU Life UK, Ann Gat Perez, expressed her pleasure and gratitude over her life to be around such pure, helpful and positive people and shared an incident where a USA-based swimmer Anita Alvarez, who sank to the bottom of the pool at the World Championship in Budapest, last year in June 2022.

The Unit Manager of a Life Insurance Company, PRU Life UK, Ann Gat Perez, recently reached out to her social media handle to express her gratitude and pleasure over the upbeat, kind gem of people in her life and shared an incident of last year, June 2022, where the USA based swimmer, Anita Alvarez, was sinking into the bottom of the pool, was eventually saved by her coach Andrea Fuentes, who noticed that Anita was underwater way too long. Sensing that something was wrong, she immediately dove in after her, fully clothed, pulling her to safety. 


The UK-based Ann Gat Perez expressed her pleasure and gratitude to her coach, Andrea Fuentes, who immediately dove into the pool at the World Championship 2022 to save Anita from sinking into the pool.

Ann Gat Perez shared that, If her coach, Andrea, did not act fast, Anita may not be able to survive it because she was already unconscious Praise God for Coach Andrea.

Further, she also shared that being a Mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a mentor to my team of Financial Advisors, it is important for her to always be observant, to always “notice”, be alert, be sensitive with the people around her.

While paying light to this incident, she expressed how it was not at all like any other incident but was proved to be a life-saving incident for someone who was about to lose her life. She added, “How are they doing? Who are underwater for too long? Who needs help? Do I need to dive right now to pull them out to the surface because they are losing the strength to go on? How can I help them?”

Further, she added that It’s not an easy task, especially since there are so many loved ones she must constantly watch out for, and sometimes she needs to be “rescued.” But that is a role she has entirely accepted in this life as a mom, daughter, sister and mentor. She takes full responsibility for this.

Furthermore, Ann Gat also shared that we need to have people like Coach Andrea around in life. Because no matter how good we are, sometimes, there are situations that call for people to rescue us lift us redirect us to help us recover, re-engage, recondition and get back on track.


At last, Ann Gat, while emphasising the same incident, extended her heart again and added, “Be with the right people. Have a strong support system: Family, Friends, Colleagues, and Mentors who will guide and pull you up when you are down. Who is your Coach, Andrea, in life? Ako ang dami. Grateful for these people in my life. And I hope I am also Coach Andrea in theirs.”



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