The British Embassy in Brussels, Belgium, expressed their honoured to receive a student association ULB Model United Nations at the Embassy from March 2, 2023, to March 8, 2023.

The British Embassy in Brussels shared that these talented young people would participate in debates at the United Nations headquarters in New York. More than 5000 students from all over the world would participate in a five-day competition.


The Embassy also shared about British Diplomat and Ambassador Martin James Shearman’s honorary presence, who was pleased to talk about his experience as UK Ambassador at the United Nations and to answer all questions regarding UK multilateral policy.

The British Embassy in Brussels also informs that, From Security Council reform to arms control and climate change, the United Kingdom firmly believes that a rules-based international order remains the world’s best guarantee for stability and peace.

The ULB Model United Nations is a student association founded in 2009; the goal of the ULB Model United Nations is to participate in the yearly MUN conference in New York. The ULB Model United Nations delegates the work tirelessly by organizing weekly basis workshops, MUN simulations and other fundraising activities during the year. The ULB MUN allows its members to work on their skills and improve their knowledge of Diplomacy and the United Nations Institutions.

The ULB Model, the United Nations project, is also an excellent opportunity for students to improve their communication skills and make lifelong connections. Also, The ULB Model, a United Nations project, plays a crucial role in promoting ULB on the international scene, and it was also awarded a medal in 2018.

British Diplomat and Ambassador Martin Shearman was posted in New York. He was also responsible for the United Kingdom’s engagement with the United Nations on development, Human Rights, humanitarian etc. Martin Shearman has also served as the British High Commissioner to Uganda and Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria.




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