The United Service Organisation (USO), United Kingdom, hosted the First Warhammer 40k Tournament on Monday, April 3, 2023. The USO posted an update on their social media and shared their wonderful experience from the event on Saturday, April 1, 2023.

The United Service Organisation said it was an excellent opportunity for experienced players to share knowledge with new players. Also, many players came with their armies and were ready to battle their way to victory.


The United Service Organisation (USO) also shared that It was so cool to see everyone’s different terrain pieces and organised armies, and they are happy that they can support this gaming community and expressed their warm love on seeing everybody’s set up for Warhammer 40k Tournament,

At last, the United Services Organisation (USO) says they are looking out for more gaming tournaments in the future too.

Reportedly, The mission of the Warhammer gaming community is to make it large-scale and organized, more accessible to play to the whole Warhammer community, and also to organise and facilitate the large group of Warhammer Tournaments.

The Warhammer Community has been doing this through three methods:

1) The Warhammer Community run the biggest Warhammer tournaments in Europe. The massive events they run; make it a large-scale, organized play for the games they love. The vision of the Warhammer Community is to form a gaming scene in the UK, where players have a choice of multiple 100+ players events within just 2 hours drive from their homes.

2) The Warhammer Community provides and facilitates the community with the resources to quickly find established and new events in their local area or on an available date. The resources and tools are the map and calendar and their newsletter.

3) The Warhammer Community help local communities to grow their events by providing free promotion and publicity through their site and their newsletter available on their site, enabling them to reach a nationwide audience.