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In southwest Ireland, an ancient tomb dating back up to 3000 was found by the workmen who were going to a farm with land improvements.

According to the Archaeologists, the ancient tomb have some unique features such as mysterious oval rocks depicting the early burials. Moreover, the tomb was untouched.

The tomb had chambers which appeared to be “cist”and had an underground structure which was built in a way to contain many burials and were covered with large stones.

The spokesperson of Ireland’s National Monuments Service  said that these burials are of ‘bronze age’ which would date back around 2500 B.C.

According to sources, the tomb was discovered in last week when a digger overturned a slab that was lying over the tomb. Further inspection of the tomb showed sub chamber which depicted the front side of the tomb.

This discover of the tomb was immediately reported to National Monuments Service and National Museum of Ireland. Also, the exact location of the tomb is not revealed to the public to protect it from disturbances and looting.

The Bronze Age Tomb:

The archaeologists expect the tomb to age between 2500 to 4500 years ago which was known as “Bronze Age” in Ireland. But they also said that more investigation has to be done predict the exact age of the Tomb.

The examination of the tomb was done by archaeologists of National Monuments Service and Ireland’s National Museum  and they collected few burial remains that was inside the tomb for investigation purposes.

The collected burial remains were further sent for radiocarbon analysis to find accurate dates of the burials which could potentially tell about the the age of tomb as well. This process might take sever weeks.

Also, the archaeologists said that there was an unusual finding that is the polished oval shaped rock. Its purpose is yet unknown as it was kept beside the human remains.

Further investigation has to be done to reveal all the truths about the tomb which is a long process and might take a plenty of time.

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Untouched Bronze age tomb found of Ireland!