US: Ambassador Ruta Elvikis visits Midsummer Herbal Market in Riga

Ambassador Ruta Elvikis at Herbal Market in Riga

The United States Embassy in Riga, Latvia, felt honoured and pleasured by the visit of the US Ambassador, Ruta Elvikis to the traditional Midsummer Herbal Market in Dome Square, in Riga on Friday, June 23, 2023. The manufacturers and craftsmen at the Market offered traditional dishes, products and flowers.

On the visit of the US Ambassador Ruta Elvikis in Riga, at the traditional Midsummer Herbal Market in Dome Square, The United States Embassy in Riga shared some glimpses from her visit. At the Market, Ambassador Ruta was introduced to the region’s many different cultures and traditions. She was offered various traditional dishes, products and flowers, and even listened to folk music and Latvian cuisines.

Ambassador Ruta Elvikis at Herbal Market in Riga

Ambassador Ruta also felt delighted after visiting the Midsummer Herbal Market. To extend her joy and pleasure, she shared it was a delightful visit for her and her son Jonas where they were introduced to various traditions. She added, “My son Jonas and I were happy to learn more about traditions, listen to folk music and taste Latvian food and drinks. It was a pleasure to see that Latvians enthusiastically celebrate the Summer Solstice! ”

Ambassador Ruta Elvikis at Herbal Market in Riga

Further, while sharing her visit, she said, “My son Jonas and I enjoyed learning more about the traditions, hearing the folk music and tasting the Latvian traditional food and drinks. It was great to see that Latvians were full of sunshine celebrating the Midsummer holiday!”

US Ambassador Ruta Elvikis with her son Jonas

Reportedly, The Herbs and grass market is located at the very “heart” of Old Riga, as this traditional and hugely popular feast is called in Latvian. Here one can find flower and oak leaves wreaths for their all-nighter celebration around the bonfire, buy herbs and beautiful flower bouquets to decorate the house and enjoy that unique moment when Latvian meadows and gardens make their way to the city.



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