The United States-based artist Sheilah Sheldon expressed her deep love and affection and introduced her America-based mother to the people and shared his life journey of how she shifted to Texas; while narrating her story, Sheilah Sheldon also shared how Lynn Ngugi’s interview completely transformed her life.

The United States-based artist Sheilah Sheldon recently took to her official social media handle to share her life-changing story of moving to Texas and also introduced her America-mother to her people and expressed her deep love and affection for her mother; she also mentioned her mother’s interview with Lynn Ngugi that has proved to be a life-changing moment to her and her mother.


On introducing her mother on her official social media handle, the US-based Sheilah Sheldon shared that she has a deep affection for her. When Lynn Ngugi interviewed her mother, she shared that moment was like when Jesus finally heard her cry.

After the interview, Sheilah shared that it didn’t take long for her mother to receive a phone call; the caller asked her mum, “Do you want Sheilah to live in the USA?” her mother replied, “Yes!” Then the caller revealed, “I am God-sent. I am here to fulfil your promise. I watched your story and was moved to tears. From today onwards, I will take Sheilah as my daughter.”

Hearing this, Sheilah shared that her mother was overwhelmed with happiness and started screaming, thanking God. The next question was about the day of travel. her mother responded enthusiastically, “Anytime!” The caller asked if I had a visa, and her mother confirmed.

Sheilah then stated that the very next day, she received my flight tickets to Texas. and now her current mother is a nurse, and her father is a bishop. They loved and adored her greatly.

Further, she expressed that Lynn Ngugi’s interview has forever transformed her life, and she prayed for my mother, Vivian Otieno, to complete her healing. She also prayed that her entire family would join her in the United States one day.


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