US: Social media influencer and host of the famous podcast ‘ordinary people’ Melissa Radke expressed her love and pleasure for her daughter, Remi Hoope, and praised some of her habits and never complaining nature since childhood.

Famous social media influencer and host of the popular podcast ordinary people, Melissa Radke, is a well-established author, vlogger and television face of the United States of America. Melissa Radke took to her official social media handle recently, expressed her pleasure and love for her daughter, Remi Hoope and praised some of her mature and never bothered personality traits since childhood.


Praising her daughter Melissa Radke shared that her daughter Remi had never complained to her since childhood. She has even travelled all over the United States with her and has sold many of her books but never complained or bothered her about this. Remi, being a girl with a reserved and old-aged personality, has cooperated a lot with her mother Melissa and never mind even once even to shake hands with strangers.

Melissa talking about her eldest daughter, Remi, also commented upon her being an introvert and said that she had been a great daughter even as a teen, who never made any negativity and detachment from her dad and her on her official social media handle, Remi wrote ” She has been a breeze as a teenager and has built up an immense amount of trust with her daddy and me. She never meets a stranger, rarely talks negatively about another teen (especially girls), and has wanted to be a Civil Rights Attorney since she was 9.”

Melissa then further shared about Remi’s first Prom night experience and also shared some pictures on her social media handle. Remi was flaunting in a beautiful pink dress on her first prom night. Melissa shared that Remi was home five minutes before her curfew and spent 20 minutes telling her how beautiful her friends looked. and shared about that funny incident when she added, “And yet when she was walking out with her date, I whispered, “You brushed your teeth, right?” And she yelled, “Crap!” and ran back into the bathroom.”