The 8th Military Police Brigade, 8th Sustainment Command, expressed their pleasure and gratitude towards all the MPs of the United States who have been working hard as “Watchdogs” and have ensured another holiday celebration on US Army Base Scholfield Barracks Hawaii to went smoothly and kept everybody safe.

As per the Update, The 8th Police Brigade, while sharing some updates and expressing their pleasure towards all the MPs, took to their official social media handle to share some updates from the US Army Base Scholfield Barracks Hawaii holiday celebration.


The 8th Police Brigade also shared glimpses from the US Army Scholfield Barracks Hawaii Holiday Celebration. The MPs took care of the event running smoothly and kept everybody safe.

The 8th Police Brigade also urged people to enjoy the rest of their Independence Day holiday weekend with mentioned hashtags “#BestDogInTheFight
#inpeaceasinwar #militarypolice #usarmy #garrison #HolidaySafety” to honour all the MPs and the US Army Garrison who worked hard to protect the people of their nation.

Further, the 8th Police Brigade also especially mentioned all the dignitaries on their official social media handle to honour them and to recognize their contributions to the nation.

The Honoured Dignitaries were as follows:

728th Military Police Battalion
303D Ordnance Battalion – EOD
8th Theater Sustainment Command
US Army Pacific | The Official Military Police Regimental Association
US Army Military Police
United States Army Military Police Corps

Reportedly, The 8th Police Brigade of the United States Army, based at Scholfield, Barracks Hawaii, is responsible for the Army military police units within the United States Indo-Pacific Command Area of Responsibility. Generally, the 8th Military Police Brigade was specially organized to provide planning, direction, and surveillance for the criminal investigation work under the United States Army.



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