Another robbery incident has been reported in Vilvoorde. It is the third time in the last two weeks, there has been armed robbery at a supermarket. This is reported by the local police Vilvoorde-Machelen today.
Mayor Hans Bonte has reacted by strongly criticisng Minister of the Interior Anneilies Verlinden.
“Minister Verlinden must realise that our people also have the right to protection and safety in the periphery around Brussels. It’s starting to look like negligence on the part of the minister.”
The robbery took place this morning around 7:30 am, in the James Ensorlaan.
Two suspects entered the Carrefour Express and threatened the staff with a handgun. The staff had to hand over money to the staff, after which the suspects fled in a grey vehicle.
On Monday, August 29 and on Sunday, September 4, another supermarket, the Carrefour Express in Leuvensesteenweg, was also twice the target of a robbery.
It is not yet clear whether there is a link between the various facts.
Mayor Hans Bonte is incensed at the new robbery and calls on Interior Minister Verlinden to once again strengthen the Federal Canal Plan. In the meantime, he wants to acquire more federal agents.


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