According to the UN, Afghanistan is allegedly one of the nations that oppress women the worst. Women could not exercise their fundamental human rights when the Taliban were in power in the nation. The US Embassy made this announcement in a statement for International Women’s Day.

The Taliban Authorities in Afghanistan are concentrating their efforts on enforcing laws that confine the nation’s women to their homes, according to the UN mission’s official statement. The new regulations issued by the Afghan Taliban authorities have significantly harmed the status of women’s human rights.


Roza Isakovna Otunbayeva, UN Special Representative and commander of UNAMA, has consequently denounced the state of affairs in the nation on behalf of UNAMA. The top UN official based in Kabul has also reaffirmed the UN Mission’s findings, claiming that Afghanistan is the most sexist nation in the entire globe.

Roza Otunbayeva, the UN representative, said she finds it upsetting to witness the Taliban’s logical, intentional, and systematic attempts to suppress Afghan women. They have a significant role in removing women from the public eye.

The Afghan government has put in place a number of severe laws to control women in the nation. These laws and policies severely constrain many of the country’s women in their daily activities.

Women are not permitted to pursue secondary and higher education under Taliban law. They are not allowed to work for local, state, or foreign non-governmental organisations. In addition, the Taliban have mandated that women cover themselves completely.

Women are not permitted to go to some regions of the nation under the Taliban. They must travel to a different region of the country with a different (male) family member. One of the most important humanitarian and economic concerns in the globe, according to Otunbayeva, is the restriction of women to their houses.