Kira Rudik, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian people, stated in a statement that the World Bank will provide Ukraine with winter support in the amount of $4.5 billion. It is becoming ever more challenging for the Ukrainian people to tolerate the chilly temperatures as Russian missile attacks sabotage the water and power supplies.

According to the Ukrainian government, Russia is using Winter as a weapon by sabotaging its power networks and interrupting its gas supply. “In the hardest winter, we need the strongest support,” adds Rudik.


Rudik remarked that Ukraine has such powerful allies that it won’t be beaten. The UK is preparing to offer a new relief package that includes 24 ambulances, 11 emergency cars, and $3 million to reconstruct schools and shelters in light of the ongoing Russian attacks on civilian areas.

The recently announced medical equipment will support search and rescue efforts in Ukraine and is anticipated to save the lives of Ukrainians wounded by Russian attacks.

The Netherlands recently designated Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. Rudik praised the nation’s efforts in the battle against terrorism and highlighted that soon no country in the world would deny that Russia is a state that sponsors terrorism.

She said, “Russia is assaulting us with drones and missiles at a time when other countries are condemning Russia.” She asked western nations to increase supplies to Ukraine by offering anti-missile systems in order to safeguard numerous lives in Ukraine.

Rudik expressly mentioned that Ukraine will respond to Russia in their own language. There won’t be any talks with the nation supporting terrorism. “Our forces are making a strong effort to retake every territory.


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