Bulgaria: Ministery of Culture Krastu Krastev holds working meeting with Sozopol Municipality Mayor

Bulgaria: The Minister of Culture, Krastu Krastev, held working meeting with the Mayor of Sozopol Municipality, Tihomir Yanakiev Yesterday (Monday), July 31, 2023. The main topic of the conversation was the project to create the “Center for the Arts on the Island of St. Annes Kirik and Julita “near the city.

The Arts Center on the “St. Annes Kirik and Yulita“ will offer a contemporary vision for the future of arts and cultural heritage, being at the same time a meeting place and a laboratory for development, creation, presentation, creativity, experience sharing, participation and learning.

The centre will exploit the island’s great potential to develop modern cultural tourism, combining its rich archaeological heritage with current presentation through interactive technologies and collections and works of various art. Given the critical location of the island in the Black Sea, the site has the opportunity to become an attractive centre for visitors from all over the world.

Later, Minister Krastev visited the Center for Underwater Archaeology (CPA) in Sozopol (to the Ministry of Culture) and became acquainted with its activities and problems. The main topic of the talks was the project for the future museum centre and Centre for Culture and Art on St. Island. Annes Kirik and Julita”, where the CPA is envisaged to have administrative premises, laboratories, a fund and a museum exhibition.

Minister Krastev confirmed the Ministry of Culture’s commitment to continue support for the development of the CPA research infrastructure with investments in the technical base.

Together with its director Nayden Prahov, they discussed Mayor Dimitar Nikolov’s proposal for cooperation with the Municipality of Burgas, providing a building fund and overall support for the establishment of a Center for Conservation and Restoration of Marine Finds and Laboratories for Interdisciplinary Marine Archaeological Research in the Municipality.

Nayden Prakhov introduced the minister to the opening of a branch of the Faculty of History of St. University Kliment Ohridski” in Burgas with a major in Museology and a course in underwater archaeology. Krstu Krastev expressed a readiness to support this academic project and a mediator role in creating cooperation between the CPA, academic organizations and Burgas Municipality.


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