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It was March 2019 when a group of journalists cum bloggers from Belgium decided to create a non-biased news platform for all news readers across the world. With the passage of time, the platform turned popular and hence team thought to expand this service of reliable news around the globe.

Nothing hyper-logical or fake, Publicist 24 believes in providing modest and most recent happenings. The continuous news serving on the website makes us reliable among millions of news readers all across the globe. From our perspective, we promise to create coverage of all recent happenings of the above-mentioned sections.

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Here at Publicist 24, our motive is to serve all our readers with all the happenings and news all across the nation. We aim to create a non-biased news platform for a wide range of newsreaders of the Belgium.

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Our team of journalists finds a story from both online and offline mediums, then makes an in-depth search of that to make true coverage. We have designated our writers with their expertise category to make them deliver the best.

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