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US General Milley suggests Zelenskyy to Temporary Truce with Russia

Senior US military officer General Mark Milley has recommended that Ukraine declare a truce with Russia as their government officials attempted to negotiate a temporary ceasefire. He underlines that Kyiv might start talks to settle the crisis by using battlefield wins over Moscow's forces

Top 5 most fashionable countries around Globe

Fashion is the most discussed and exciting subject in every country situated in different regions around the Globe. Each nation is known for its unique and latest styles of fashion which several people, especially youth, show their keen interest in term fashion

Italy: On request from Washington, Moscow confirms arrest of senior Russian official’s son

Moscow on Thursday has confirmed the detention in Italy of the son of a senior Russian official at Washington's request for alleged sanctions evasion and illegal sale of US technologies to Russian arms companies.

Canada govt bans entry of 10,000 people connected to ‘the murderous regime’ in Iran

The Canadian government has made an announcement about the sanctions against "the murderous regime" in Iran and banned 10,000 people who are connected to the regime from ever going to Canada.

Twitter confirms that it received offer from billionaire Elon Musk

Twitter on Tuesday has confirmed that it has again received an offer from billionaire and richest man Elon Musk, which has placed an offer to take over the social media company for the initial price of $54.2 per share.

American rapper Coolio, famous for ‘Gangsta Paradise’ died at 59-years-old

The American rapper Coolio, who was known for his 1995 hit "Gangsta's Paradise", has died at the age of 59 years old.

Iran Prez Raisi blames West of hypocrisy over women’s right

Ebrahim Raisi used his speech at United Nations General Assembly to blame the West of hypocrisy over women's rights, in the context of his country currently receiving a lot of criticism over the death of 22-year-old Masha Amini.

Macron calls on international community to put maximum pressure on Putin

Emmanuel Macron has, called on the international community on Wednesday to 'put maximum pressure' on Vladimir Putin, after Russian President said he was ready to use "all means" in his arsenal against the West.

Over 2,000 guests, 500 foreign dignitaries likely to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral

Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral will take place on Monday, with over 2,000 guests, including 500 foreign dignitaries, expected at Westminster Abbey to lay the sovereign to rest.

California Attorney General launches lawsuit against Amazon

The Attorney-General of the U.S. State of California has launched a lawsuit on Wednesday against Amazon, which he accused of abusing its dominant position to curb competition and drive prices up.

Russia admitted defeat in Ukraine for first time since Feb 2022: ISW

Russia has admitted in defeat in Ukraine for the first time since it invaded Ukraine in February 2022.

US remains committed to talk with North Korea on use of nuclear weapons: Karine Pierre

After a recently issued statement by North Korea on the use of its nuclear weapons, the United States remains committed to dialogue.

”Silent, Shocked and Angry” says Prime Minister de Croo on Butcha visit

''The horror of Bucha turns my stomach. How can people be so cruel?'' said Prime minister Alexander de Croo on their surprise visit to the towns, witnessing the atrocities condemned by Russian troops during the invasion

China: Xinjiang fire incident provoked protest against Zero Covid policy

Under President XI Jinping's Zero COVID policy, people are compelled to remain in their houses for roughly three months. A ferocious fire that started in an apartment in Urumqi, Xinjiang, sparked the protest

Minister for Education attends Korovuto primary School awards and Graduation ceremony

Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts Premila Kumar was the chief guest at Korovuto Primary School's Year 8 Awards and Graduation Ceremony at the Bayview Cove Resort in Nadi on Friday