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France-based Rikki K Mathey attends Grand Wedding in a beautiful magnifique yellow dress

France-based Rikki K Mathey recently visited a grand wedding ceremony of her friends Nicolas Gnr and Garedine Goh. She expressed her gratitude and pleasure and wished the two a joyous and beautiful married life.

Castle of the Puilaurens, One of oldest Cather Castle stands in town of Puilaurens in France

The Château de Puilaurens, or The Castle of the Puilaurens, is the oldest fortified Cather Castle, which is now located in ruins and stands in the French town of Puilaurens in the department of Aude, in the Occitanie region. The castle's ruins are the subject of a classification as historical monuments by decree of August 12, 1902.

French MEP Max Orville expresses pleasure over completing 4 years in European Parliament

French Politician and Member of the European Parliament Max Orville, on the successful four years of European Governance, expressed his pleasure and gratitude and shared the government of France has been working consistently to serve its people. The government is attentive towards the climate and other unwelcomed consequences and is well prepared against its effective and suitable parameters.

Italy-based Mimi Thorrison shares experience from her recent visit to France

Italy-based Mimi Thorrison, mesmerised by the beauty of France, felt so good to be back in her country and comforted and excited to be a guest in her country. She also shared her experience from her recent visit to the country.

G7 meet 2023 Japan highlights US President Joe Biden’s Administration

The Group of Seven (G7) in Hiroshima, Japan, which began on Friday, May 19, 2023, and ended Sunday, May 22, 2023, emphasized the US President Joe Biden administration’s focus on preventing the rise of the dominant authoritarian powers by ruining Russia’s imperial ambitions and by creating regional partnerships to counter the rise of China.

MEP Max Orville meets President Phillip Jock to discuss major issues affecting nation

French Politician and Member of the European Parliament, Max Orville, on Sunday, May 14, 2023, met Phillip Jock, President of de la Chambre de Commerce Martinique, at his common hairdresser Luc Edon of Fascination Cooiffure, France, to discuss some major issues affecting the nation.

KNOW HERE: Unique Features of Labyrinth Chartres Cathedral in France

The Labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral in France, also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, is located in Southwest Paris, France. The Chartres Cathedral is created in the early thirteenth century and is also known as the seat of the Bishop of Chartres. The architecture was built with a diameter of 12,88 meters and spans the entire nave of the cathedral.

READ HERE: World’s most popular attraction, Chateau de Chambord in France

Chateau de Chambord is located in a large chateau in the Loire Valley of France. The Chateau de Chambord is considered one of the most incredible attractions in the world; it is also considered one of the most beautiful and iconic examples of French Renaissance architecture and one of the country's most prominent chateaux. 

Senior Military officer Col Rian McKinstry attends 106th anniversary of the Battle of Arras

Senior Military officer and Defence diplomat of New Zealand, Colonel Rian McKinstry, attended a commemorative ceremony at the WellingtonTunnels, Northern France marking the 106th anniversary of the Battle of Arras, with New Zealand ambassador to France, to France, Caroline Bilkey, on Sunday, April 9, 2023.

France-based traveller Gadsden Style shares memories of her Trip to ‘Pont du Gard’

France-based traveller Gadsden Style shared her road trip to Pont du Gard, an ancient Roman aqueduct bridge built in the first century AD in Southern France.

April 13 2023 marks 12th day of Country-wide protest in France

Thursday, April 13, 2023, is marked as the 12th day of Country-wide protest in France against President Emmanuel Macron's reform of taking the retirement age from 62 to 64 years.

UNICEF Haiti teams efforts to protect children from Malnutrition and Cholera

UNICEF in France shared about the deadly threat of Malnutrition and Cholera to the thousands of Children in Haiti. posted an update on their social media handle on Wednesday, April 5, 2023, shared about the rise of the threat of Malnutrition and Cholera among the thousands of children in Haiti, located on the island of Hispaniola.

Bulgarian Cultural Ministry Celebrates Rich Cultural Program for Young and Old on Children’s Day, shares update

Bulgaria: The Bulgarian Ministry of Culture shared about various Cultural institutions and organizations nationwide and organized a rich program for Children's Day till June 11, 2023. The Ministry of Culture shared that people from all age groups and communities can participate in the exhibition and view children's paintings on the theme "Childhood".

KNOW HERE: Interesting features of Tappeinerweg path in Meran, Italy

Meran, Italy: The Tappeinerweg is a promenade about six kilometres long in the South Tyrolean town of Meran and the elevated municipality of Tirol in Italy. The path of Tappeinerweg runs along the slope of the Küchelberg (380 m above sea level) from Gratsch in the west eastwards to the Zenoberg, where it ends at the powder tower. It is 100 meters above the valley basin and has only a few inclines. For long stretches, the path offers a view of the Burggrafenamt. 

Council of Europe expresses pleasure to Maastricht University students for winning HPMC Competition, shares update

Council of Europe: The Political Organisation of Europe, The Council of Europe felt pride and congratulated the students of Maastricht University, Netherlands winners of the Eleventh edition of the Helga Pederson Moot Court Competition on the European Convention on Human Rights for opposing the University of Athens in Greece and marking their tremendous victory.