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Germany needs 600 terawatt hours (TWh) of power from renewable sources to meet 2030’s energy targets, says reports

The north of Germany, where the majority of wind turbines are located, and the south, where the majority of solar panels are located, are becoming increasingly divided. The stability of the network can suffer consequences

India’s antitrust watchdog slaps Google with fine of $162 million

The global tech-giant Google has been slapped with a fine of over $162 million by India's antitrust watchdog for abusing its dominant position in the local smartphone market.

Use of administrative services online increased most in Brussels, shows data

The King Baudouin Foundation’s new digital inclusion barometer has shown that the use of administrative services online has increased the most in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Twitter confirms that it received offer from billionaire Elon Musk

Twitter on Tuesday has confirmed that it has again received an offer from billionaire and richest man Elon Musk, which has placed an offer to take over the social media company for the initial price of $54.2 per share.

California Attorney General launches lawsuit against Amazon

The Attorney-General of the U.S. State of California has launched a lawsuit on Wednesday against Amazon, which he accused of abusing its dominant position to curb competition and drive prices up.

Google Maps introduces application facility for motorists to plan their route

Google Maps is coming up with a plan for motorists who are using the application facility to plan their route. The plan will offer motorists an alternative route which is "slower in some cases but better for the environment and for their wallet."

Instagram to pay fine of €405 million for insufficiently protecting the data of minors: DPC

Instagram has been fined €405 million for insufficiently protecting the data of minors, Ireland's Data Protection Commission (DPC), which works as a watchdog for the European Commission in such a matters, announced on Monday.

Amazon to launch online platform for Belgium in coming months

Amazon has made an announcement on Thursday about its plans to launch an online platform for Belgium "in the coming months."

Belgian security experts alerts against use of Russian software Kaspersky

Security experts have alerted against Belgium's continuous use of Russia-developed antivirus software Kaspersky, over fears that the software may contain vulnerabilities that may be exploited by the Russian Government.

Number of data leaks reported by Belgium’s Data Protection Authority increases: Reports

The number of data leaks recorded by Belgium's Data Protection Authority, APD, increased significantly last year.

Apple stops producing its iPod Touch music player after 20 years

Apple has stopped producing its iconic iPod Touch music player after more than 20 years. The last model that the tech giant produced will be available as long as there are stocks.

Poland seeks to urgently buy MQ-9 Reaper drones from U.S: Reports

Poland is looking to buy several MQ-9 Reaper drones from the U.S. under a special, accelerated procedure. It is eyeing further procurements at a...

”Silent, Shocked and Angry” says Prime Minister de Croo on Butcha visit

''The horror of Bucha turns my stomach. How can people be so cruel?'' said Prime minister Alexander de Croo on their surprise visit to the towns, witnessing the atrocities condemned by Russian troops during the invasion

China: Xinjiang fire incident provoked protest against Zero Covid policy

Under President XI Jinping's Zero COVID policy, people are compelled to remain in their houses for roughly three months. A ferocious fire that started in an apartment in Urumqi, Xinjiang, sparked the protest

Minister for Education attends Korovuto primary School awards and Graduation ceremony

Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts Premila Kumar was the chief guest at Korovuto Primary School's Year 8 Awards and Graduation Ceremony at the Bayview Cove Resort in Nadi on Friday