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KNOW HERE ABOUT: Most Captivating East African Elegance: Rediscovering Historic Swahili Coast Portraits

The vintage Swahili Postcards collection predominantly features photographs of women adorned in extravagant attire and jewellery, their expressions ranging from serious to playful or romantic. Many of these images have been skillfully colourized, with meticulous hand-painting bringing vivid life to ruby lips, golden pendants, and emerald chairs.

KNOW HERE: Graceful features of Fulani woman, representing African Culture

Africa: The Fulani woman, an embodiment of grace, strength, and resilience, is an integral part of the rich fusion of African culture. Hailing from the Fulani ethnic group, which stretches across several countries in West Africa, she carries the traditions, customs, and beauty that define her heritage.

Bambara People of West Africa: Resisting Islam, Upholding Traditional Religion, and Legacy of Mansa Musa

West Africa: The Bambara people are the ethnic group of people of West Africa associated with the regions including Senegal, Ghana, Mali, Guinea etc., from which 80% of the Population speak the Bambara Language. The history of the Bambara people is filled with tales of resistance, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to preserving their traditional religious beliefs.Bambara People of West Africa: Resisting Islam, Upholding Traditional Religion, and Legacy of Mansa Musa

United States International University Library Week turns out success

Nairobi, Kenya: Day one of the United States International University Africa Library Week was a blast for the students studying there. The United States International University shared that the Library doors swung wide, welcoming readers of all ages to explore, learn, and escape between the pages of countless books.

Felix Thürlemann delves into world of 19th-century Egypt in his book “The Harem Window”

Switzerland-based author Felix Thürlemann was a Swiss art historian and an honourable professor of art at the University of Konstanz. French language and literature, Latin and Medieval Latin literature at the Universities of Zurich and Besançon and at the École pratique des hautes études in Paris. He also received his doctorate with a thesis on Gregory of Tours in 1973; Thurlemann, in his captivating book, "The Harem Window" (Das Haremsfenster), is an art historian who efficiently delves deep into the world of nineteenth-century Egyptian photography.

West Africa: Griot Xalam Player: Preserving Heritage and Captivating Souls in Senegal

The Xalam is the Traditional Lute; originated from West Africa, it is a Wooden Oval body whose top is covered with cattle. a Griot couple from Senegal in the early 20th century. Signifying their culture and traditions and providing a window into the rich traditions of storytelling and music within Senegalese society.

Natives of Bougainville considers “Darker than Africa”: Black is Beautiful

Africa has no doubt some of the darkest people in the world. The Natives of Buka and Bougainville in the northern Solomon Islands in Melanesia and the Chopi people of Mozambique on the southeast coast of Africa have darker skin than other surrounding populations of dark people in other parts of Africa.

EXCLUSIVE: Warrior tribes of Ethiopia region, Afar people

Ethiopia, The Oldest Country of Africa: The Afar, also known as the Danakil, Adali and Odali, is an ethnic group in the Horn of Africa, mainly residing in Eritrea, Djibouti and the Afar Region in Ethiopia. The Afar have acquired a reputation as a warrior tribe due to their involvement in various regional conflicts over the past centuries. They are closely related to the Omo and Beja peoples, their neighbouring communities.

Kemet, Oldest Black Land of Eqypt during rule of Oldest Kingdom

The Kemet is one of the names given to Egypt by the Ancient Indigenous inhabitants of the Country; The Kemet is one of the Original and the oldest name for Egypt, which means the Black Land. The Kemet is related to the context of African Culture in Egypt.

KNOW HERE ABOUT: Chum People of Nigeria in West Africa

Nigeria, West Africa: Cham, also known as ‘Chum’, meaning brother, is a Lilliputian minority ethnic group in the southern part of Gombe in the Balanga local government area along Yola Road in Nigeria, West Africa.

Saint Lucia: Deputy PM announces MSME Loan-Grant Cheque Award to first six recipients

Saint Lucia: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information Ernest Hilare announced the Inaugural MSME Loan-Grant Cheque Award to its first six recipients, hosted by the Ministry of Commerce on Monday, April 24, 2023.

READ HERE: Africa’s most important Brutal Tool, Traditional metal masks

Traditional African or Metal Masks play the most crucial role in traditional Ceremonies and rituals in Africa. Traditional metal masks are used in Africa to address various purposes, including ensuring a good harvest, addressing tribal needs during peace or war, or conveying spiritual presence in initiation rituals or burial ceremonies.

Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit supports Dream 11 Nature Isle T10 Tournament Cricketers

Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit expressed his pleasure and pride in supporting the Dream 11 Nature Isle T10 Tournament that took place on Thursday, May 25, 2023, at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium and urged people to support the cricketers for their exciting short-term tournament, which will run in Dominica till Thursday, June 8, 2023.

Castle of the Puilaurens, One of oldest Cather Castle stands in town of Puilaurens in France

The Château de Puilaurens, or The Castle of the Puilaurens, is the oldest fortified Cather Castle, which is now located in ruins and stands in the French town of Puilaurens in the department of Aude, in the Occitanie region. The castle's ruins are the subject of a classification as historical monuments by decree of August 12, 1902.

French MEP Max Orville expresses pleasure over completing 4 years in European Parliament

French Politician and Member of the European Parliament Max Orville, on the successful four years of European Governance, expressed his pleasure and gratitude and shared the government of France has been working consistently to serve its people. The government is attentive towards the climate and other unwelcomed consequences and is well prepared against its effective and suitable parameters.