The Embassy of Ukraine in Belgium is delighted to extend its support to Ukraine and shared that the whole World is integrated to ensure Ukrainian grains are exported to Ukraine, which had been blocked by the Russian naval blockade of Ukrainian seaports.

As per the reports shared by the Ukraine Embassy on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, Ukraine Embassy, with the help of the United Nations and Turkiya’s continuous support and assistance, has managed to launch the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which has proven to be a vital lifeline for the World.


 Its results are spectacular: almost 33 million metric tons of agricultural products were exported to 45 countries.

Through the Great Initiative of launching the Black Sea Grain Initiative, people from various regions of the World, including Asia and Africa, have greatly benefited. About 60% of the grains have been exported to them.

On this, the Ukraine Embassy expressed their pleasure and thanked the  #GrainDeal. More than half of the global supply by the United Nations World Food Programme has been covered by Ukrainian grain.

Further, the Embassy added that, with the given positive outcome of the Grain Deal Initiative, they must now ensure that Russian food blackmail fails and guarantee unhindered Ukrainian food exports without relying on Russian approvals.

Earlier today, some reports have also been updated, stating that Within the framework of the humanitarian program “Grain from Ukraine”, initiated by President Zelenskyy, we provided grain free of charge to those in need, especially in countries of Africa.

The initiative engaged 34 donor countries, who helped fund the program and save people from the threat of hunger.


All people around the World have a right to stability. Africa has the right to strength. Asia has the right to stability. Europe has the right to stability. Today is the time to protect our collective right to stability from the terrorist regime in the Kremlin and its Hunger Games.



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