The United States Embassy in Mauritius is pleased to host the “Women in Green Technologies: Empowering Women to Lead Sustainability Initiatives” forum on Friday, August 11, 2023. They also shared some glimpses from the event.

As per the Update, The United States Embassy in Mauritius, in partnership with AmCham Mauritius, organized a forum on “Women in Green Technologies: Empowering Women to Lead Sustainability Initiatives.”


This Forum was an initiative to extend gratitude and thank the United States Department of State Economic Bureau’s POWER Program (“Providing Opportunities for Women’s Economic Rise”)
The Forum featured opening remarks by Minister of Energy and Public Utilities Georges Lesjongard and U.S. Ambassador Henry Jardine.

The “Women in Green Technologies: Empowering Women to Lead Sustainability Initiatives” event or forum was popularly based on promoting women’s economic empowerment and encouraging participation in #STEM fields and helped bridge the gender digital divide.

During the event, Speakers and attendees discussed current regulatory frameworks and financing options in Mauritius and how these can be made even better and more robust going forward.

Post the event, some pictures also took to the official social media handles by the United States Embassy in Mauritius.

The Embassy extended its gratitude and especially thanked Sarah Whitten, the keynote speaker from the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), who travelled to Mauritius from South Africa for this event, for paying the wonderful visit.

The Embassy also wrote to express their gratitude to all the staff members and technicians for considering everything. “We would also like to thank our exceptional panellists and moderators from the American Chamber of Commerce, Business Mauritius, the Economic Development Board Mauritius, the Mauritius Institute of Directors, MCB, Mindex Group, and Lineage Investment Services – as well as all the attendees, whose lively participation made the event a success,” they added.






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