Government of Dominica shares glimpses from construction of International Airport

The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica shared glimpses from the International Dominica Airport construction project, contracted between the Government of Dominica and Montreal Management Consultant (MMC) Development Ltd. in June 2021 at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium, Dominica.

The Official page of the Government of Dominica, Dominica International Airport, took to their social media on Sunday, May 7, 2023, and shared some glimpses from the development of Dominica International Airport, which will be Constructed in Dominica soon.

The Government shared that the Dominica International Airport will be constructed in Dominica soon for its citizens. The Government also informed that the Construction of the International Dominica Airport would generate many opportunities to enhance their skills and develop many employment opportunities for the workers in Dominica.

The construction of the International Airport of Dominica Project is a ray of hope for the Government and people that this project will come out as an advancement to the nation and its people and will also generate numerous employment opportunities for the people of Dominica to work on their skills efficiently, This project will also help the people to relocate and travel to their homes from the working places efficiently.

For the Construction of the International Dominica Airport, the Dominica Government underwent some significant crucial steps. They signed various contracts with heavy equipment companies to facilitate the people with the best construction. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has also made several statements on the project. He stated that many big companies had sent them a proposal, and they are facilitating the discussions with the contractor to have those pieces of equipment be engaged at various times during the airport construction.

The development and construction of the International Airport Dominica have brought many positive changes to the country. The project has brought great pride to Dominicans and did several jobs to ensure the airport is completed. Prime Minister Skerrit also reassured them that there would be more employment opportunities and encouraged skilled workers to apply.

Fidel Grant, Dominica’s Minister for Public Works, Public Utilities and Digital Economy, acknowledged the Government of Dominica’s tireless efforts to relocate the local citizens. Minister Fidel Grant also expressed that with the Government’s practical efforts, the farmers were also allocated new lands and compensated to ensure they proceeded with their agricultural activities.

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