Meet Doris, A Remarkable resident of Benalla Rural City Council, Australia

Victoria, Australia: Benalla Rural City Council recognized the role and contributions of Benalla’s group of Older people to their Community and introduced their remarkable old resident, Doris. She’s been living in Benalla for 25 years.

Reportedly, Benalla’s Rural City Council considers Benalla’s older group the most important asset for their community. They recognised their efforts and contributions in framing the community. They also referred to them as Benalla’s Treasures.

As per the Benalla’s Council, Benalla’s Treasures have contributed to the fabric of their Community in various ways over a long period, making their community more prosperous.

As part of the Victorian Seniors Festival, The Benalla Council would celebrate these people by sharing their stories during October. 

While remarking on these, they took a moment to introduce their remarkable resident, Doris, who once started her life in a refugee camp in Italy. 

For 25 years, Doris has called Benalla her home, but her journey here is extraordinary! Starting life in a refugee camp in Italy, she and her mother embarked on a life-changing trip to Australia when she was three. 

After living in Melbourne and travelling the country in a bus with a “hippy” lifestyle for seven years, Doris’s world shifted when her daughter’s health required stable accommodation. They found their new home in Benalla West in the late ’90s.

Doris fell in love with Benalla at first sight. She was amazed by the warm and supportive Community, the tranquillity of rural life, and the welcoming spirit she hadn’t felt elsewhere. Benalla’s beauty and excellent train link to Melbourne were bonuses.

According to the Benalla Council, Doris has tirelessly advocated for Benalla West since settling in, working to bridge gaps and dispel stereotypes. She believes in not judging people based on their address, as circumstances can change rapidly.

Doris enjoys exploring Benalla’s treasures, from the Botanical Gardens and local cemeteries to the Art Gallery and nearby rural towns with their silo art. She’s a fan of events like the Benalla Festival and Seniors Festival.

Doris has actively contributed to the Community, serving on boards, volunteering, and encouraging young people to appreciate their hometown’s value. She emphasizes the importance of unity and proactive problem-solving.

As Benalla evolves, Doris is excited about the new cinema in the CBD and encourages everyone to explore the cosmopolitan cafes and cultural diversity that enrich the town. 

At last, while remarking on Doris’s story, the Benalla Rural City Council shared that she reminded that home is where the heart is, and together, they can improve their Community. 

“Let’s celebrate this incredible Benalla resident,” they remarked.

 To read more about Doris’s Story, visit http://www.benalla.vic.gov.au/…/Seniors/Benalla-Treasures.


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