Zambia’s Past Ambassador to Europe, Prof Nkandu, to host Global Leadership Summit 2023 in Lusaka

The Global Leadership Summit, Lusaka-based Non-Governmental Organisation, introduced its new speaker, Esther Munalula Nkandu, at this Year's Global Leadership… Read More

23 hours ago

French Embassy celebrates World Rhino Day today

The French Embassy celebrated World Rhino Day today (Friday), September 22, 2023, and emphasised the need to safeguard their majestic… Read More

6 days ago

Saint Lucia: Deputy PM Ernest urges people to remain positive about life

Saint Lucia: Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire recently shared quote on his official social media handle, urging people to… Read More

1 week ago

Save the Children Deutschland supports Hassan and his family

Save the Children Deutschland, the German-based non-profit Organisation, aims to serve the lives of children and protect their fundamental rights.… Read More

1 week ago

Forum Fisheries Agency, FFA aims to enhance support for Fiji and Region

The Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) looks forward to working closely with the People’s Coalition Government to develop Fiji’s fisheries sector. Read More

1 week ago

Ambassador of Ukraine, Ganta Fonds, visits Latvia to attend workshop on Charity foundation

The Ambassador of Ukraine, Ganta Fonds, visits the Workshop of Charity foundation, Anatolii Kutsevol, in Riga to mark the completion… Read More

1 week ago

Save the Children Deutschland updates from published draft speaker on Child Security

The German-based non-profit organisation Save the Children Deutschland has published its draft speaker on Child Security. Their Advocacy Manager, Eric… Read More

1 week ago

US-based Author Cameron Hewitt shares experience of filming in Poland

The United States-based Author Cameron Hewitt and his crew team have been travelling to Poland to shoot Television show.… Read More

1 week ago


The Forum Foreign Ministers Meeting (FFMM) concluded this week with crucial Pacific priorities discussed by the Foreign Ministers of the… Read More

1 week ago