US Holocaust Memorial Museum shares story of Fanny Aizenberg during German-Belgium invasion

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC shared the story of Fanny Aizenberg, who was taken away from her daughter Josie during the Germany Belgium invasion in May 1941 and how she reunited after the liberation.

While sharing the story of Fanny Aizenberg, who studied design and dressmaking and landed plum job as a designer at the Royal House of Belgium, was taken away from her little four years old daughter during the German-Belgium invasion, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC took to their official social media handle recently to share about the personal losses and struggles to people during the World War II.

As per the information shared, before World War II broke out, Fanny Aizenberg studied design and dressmaking and landed a plum job as a designer for the Royal House of Belgium.

Fanny Aizenberg worked with a team to sketch the colour scheme and design the clothes the royal family would wear to various events. Once, she even met the queen.

“We had to know what kind of party they were going to, how many people [there] were going to be, is it morning, noon, evening? It was very, very, very well organized. And everything was quiet,” Fanny remembered.

After Germany invaded Belgium in May 1940, Fanny faced antisemitic persecution and joined the resistance. To protect her young daughter, Josie, Fanny worked with the opposition to find her a hiding place. She was not allowed to know where Josie was hidden.

Later, Fanny went into hiding but was discovered, beaten by the Gestapo, and then deported to Auschwitz. She was subjected to cruel medical experiments and endured forced labour in a grenade factory there. After the Nazis evacuated Auschwitz, Fanny survived a death march—all the while worrying and hoping her daughter was safe.

Shortly after liberation, Fanny and Josie reunited, and the once-celebrated dressmaker poured her design skills into making new clothes for her daughter.

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