Hollywood sensation Zendaya has taken Paris Couture Week by storm, gracing the Fendi Couture Spring/Summer 2024 and Schiaparelli show with jaw-dropping fashion choices and unexpected, daring hairstyles that have left the fashion world buzzing.

At the Fendi Couture show, Zendaya showcased her unparalleled style in a plum cold-shoulder gown that oozed sophistication. The Euphoria star paired the gown with a sleek low bun, accentuating her ultra-chic micro bangs.


The reddish-brown hue of her hair seamlessly harmonized with the ensemble, creating a visual masterpiece.

The intricately designed dress featured a unique halter-style band wrapping around the back of her neck and opera glove–inspired sleeves with strategic cutouts for her fingers, adding an avant-garde touch to the overall look.

Zendaya’s beauty choices were equally mesmerizing. She opted for a deep burgundy lip, complemented by light pink highlighter delicately brushed around her eyelids and contoured on her cheeks.

Adding a touch of elegance, she adorned a single silver princess necklace featuring a teardrop pearl, completing the ensemble with finesse.

Earlier in the week, Zendaya turned heads at the Schiaparelli show in an all-black ensemble exuding Old Hollywood glamour. The form-fitting attire included a jersey turtleneck top adorned with twisted fabric studs along the sleeves.

Tucked into a column skirt, the outfit boasted folds of fabric around the waist and a trailing black skirt, creating a timeless silhouette.


At the Schiaparelli show, Zendaya unveiled her latest haircut, featuring helmet-like micro bangs crowning her straight, long locks.

This unexpected and daring hairstyle added another layer of intrigue to Zendaya’s already captivating presence during Paris Couture Week, showcasing her fearless approach to fashion and beauty.

The 25-year-old actress has become a style icon known for pushing boundaries and setting trends, and her appearances at Paris Couture Week were no exception.

Fans and fashion enthusiasts alike are praising Zendaya for her ability to seamlessly blend high-fashion elegance with unconventional elements, proving that she is a force to be reckoned with in the world of couture.

As the images of Zendaya’s stunning looks continue to circulate on social media and fashion publications, it’s evident that her influence extends far beyond the silver screen.

The Fendi Couture and Schiaparelli shows have solidified Zendaya’s status as a fashion trailblazer, leaving fans eagerly anticipating her next red-carpet appearance and hairstyle revelation.

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, Zendaya remains a beacon of innovation and inspiration, proving that true style knows no bounds.

Paris Couture Week may have concluded, but Zendaya’s impact on the fashion industry is sure to linger, leaving a lasting impression on the runway and in the hearts of her admirers worldwide.


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