Bulgaria: Ministry of Culture accepts proposals for Annual State Award St Paisy Hilednarski

Bulgaria: The Ministry of Culture reminds governmental bodies and cultural NGOs that there are four more days to submit proposals for the 2023 award. With the annual State Award “St. Paisiy Hilendarski” to stimulate Bulgarian creators and performers of works related to Bulgarian history and traditions.

The award is established on the strength of a member. 19 of the Law on the Protection and Development of Culture and with PMC No. 149 /from 28.07.2000, on. DV No. 64 of the year 2000 /.

As per the Update, the Accepted proposals to the Minister of Culture should contain award motives relating to the creator’s contribution to national cultural identity and spiritual values and brief biographies and contact details with the nominees.

Written proposals would be accepted by the Ministry of Culture within 01. 09. 2023 including, at: gr. Sofia Blvd. Alexander Stamboliyski # 17, telephone for reference – 02/ 94 00 985, 02/ 94 00930.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria presented the distinction in a solemn setting on the Day of the People’s Educators – November 1. The winners were presented with a certificate and a badge of honour on which Saint Paisius of Hilendarski is depicted. The winners of the prize also receive a cash amount of 10,000 BGN.

Winners of the State Prize “St. Paisius Hilendarski” consecutively since 2000. with: Prof. Vera Mutafchieva, acad. Svetlin Rusev, the professor Stefan Danailov, Jordan Radichkov, prof. Christ of Christ, the arch. Bogdan Tomalevski, Bogomil Rainov, Valery Petrov, Rangel Valchanov, prof. Krum Damyanov, Naum Shopov, Hristo Ganev, prof. Yelka Bakalova, Angel Wagenstein, acad. Anton Donchev, Acad. Vasil Kazandjiev, Vladimir Zarev, Vasil Mikhailov, prof. Dimitrina Gyurov-Savova, prof. Vera Naydenova, Prof. Nadezhda Dragova and Acad. Lyudmil Staykov.

The Ministry of Culture recalled that the 300th anniversary of the birth of Paisiy Hilendarski was included in UNESCO’s List of Anniversaries for 2022–2023. and is celebrated with various initiatives throughout the year.


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