The Government Organisation called Campus France Canada is hosting a Webinar on “Procedure Studies in Canada” called EEF for students. They have also introduced the EEF Platform for Interested applicants. 

Etudes en France is the centralized online platform for applying to study in France and requires only one file to be submitted for application to eligible universities. 


This platform will also be used for every study visa request (more than three months, for Bachelor and Master levels) with an admission letter. It also provides the candidates with a unique online service for all registration procedures within higher education in France for international students.

This webinar is specially launched for applicants planning to stay for more than 90 days for their education and needing a long visa for France.

 Since October 1, 2021, Canada has joined the Études en France (EEF) platform.

The Etudes en France platform is entirely paperless and allows people to manage all the steps involved in registering in a higher education institution up to the visa application. Registering on the Etudes en France platform is mandatory before applying for a long-stay student visa.

Interested applicants can join for an exclusive webinar on the Procedure Etudes en France on November 3 2023, at 3:00 PM (ET). 

The Campus France Canada team will be available to explain the entire procedure that you must follow to apply for a long-term visa to France and answer your questions as well.  


The applicants can also Join the meeting through the given link:…

Meeting ID: 837 2957 7541

Passcode: campus 

To get registered for the EEF platforms, one must go through the following terms and conditions:-

Steps to follow,

1. Apply for admission directly on the French university’s website for a confirmed admission letter. 

2. Register yourself on the EEF platform (steps mentioned on the given link)

3. Apply for the French study visa (steps mentioned on the given link)

You will also benefit from a 50% reduction in the visa fees.



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