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French Model Enthusiast’s Dream Dashed as Guinness World Records Rejects Matchstick Eiffel Tower

Richard Plaud, a 47-year-old model enthusiast hailing from Montpellier-de-Médillan in western France, has seen his aspirations of clinching the world record for the tallest matchstick Eiffel Tower crumble as the Guinness World Records delivered a disappointing verdict.

Plaud poured eight years of meticulous craftsmanship, 706,900 matches, and 23 kilograms of glue into his towering masterpiece, only to be informed that it did not meet the stringent criteria set by the renowned record-keeping authority.

In a heartfelt statement to reporters, Plaud expressed his profound disappointment, lamenting the demise of what he described as “part of my dream.”

Despite his dedication and painstaking effort, Guinness World Records deemed his creation ineligible due to the unconventional choice of matches utilized in its construction.

Plaud’s ambitious project culminated in a towering structure standing at an impressive height of 7.19 meters (23 feet), a remarkable feat commemorating the centenary of Gustav Eiffel’s passing.

However, his choice to employ matches devoid of sulfur – a decision aimed at streamlining the arduous construction process – proved to be his undoing.

The crucial error surfaced when Plaud, recognizing the laborious task of manually removing sulfur from hundreds of thousands of matchsticks, sought assistance from the match manufacturer.

Despite obtaining sulfur-less matches, ideal for construction purposes but lacking the characteristic red tip, Plaud unwittingly fell afoul of Guinness World Records‘ stipulation that only “commercially available” matches qualify for record-breaking endeavors.

Expressing his frustration with the ruling, Plaud underscored the significant investment of time, energy, and mental fortitude poured into his project. “It’s pretty astonishing, and actually rather annoying.

Not exactly fair play,” he remarked, emphasizing the lack of recognition for his painstaking endeavor. Undeterred by the setback, Plaud remains resolute in his determination to showcase his creation to the world.

He plans to exhibit his meticulously crafted tower in Paris during the upcoming Olympics in July, offering spectators a glimpse of his extraordinary craftsmanship and unwavering dedication.

Meanwhile, the Guinness World Record for the tallest matchstick Eiffel Tower remains firmly entrenched in Lebanon, where Toufic Daher achieved a towering height of 6.53 meters in 2009.

Unlike Plaud, Daher’s achievement was duly recognized, attributed to his adherence to the requisite guidelines, including the use of conventional matches.

As Plaud grapples with the disappointment of falling short of his aspirations, his story serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges inherent in the pursuit of excellence and recognition in the realm of world records.

Despite the setbacks, his indomitable spirit and unwavering passion for his craft stand as a testament to the enduring pursuit of greatness in the face of adversity.


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