The World’s most beautiful and unique 19th-century-based Milk shop, funded in 1880 by the Pfund brothers in Germany’s city of Dresden, is one of the most popular attractions in the World. That offers a fascinating appearance and a wide variety of cheese specialities and other regional milk products—also given an official title by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Reportedly, The Milk shop is made with hand-painted tiles and was opened in 1880 by Paul Gustav Leander Pfund to serve buttermilk, cheese & and wine. Fortunately, It survived the heavy bombing during World War II, which destroyed most of the city and changed the whole shop inside. Since then, much has changed outside, namely the inventions of refrigeration and pasteurization that have made milk easier to keep at home.


But now, the Dresdenites aren’t walking into this splendid dairy shop just for a tall glass of milk. Now, they come for the atmosphere also. The entire interior of the shop is decorated with hand-painted Villeroy & the shop covers the floors to ceilings with dancing angels, chubby babies, cows, and woodland creatures. It’s all accented in gold and blue and lit by chandeliers, which makes it all unique in the World and might delude people into thinking of a luxurious jewellery shop rather than a shop selling milk.

Also, The wares inside haven’t changed much, either. Pfunds Molkerei still sells milk and boasts one of the country’s finest cheese selections (though they were forced to limit it to a mere three state-sanctioned brands during the socialist years of East Germany). The cafe upstairs sells dairy-based delicacies, like tortellini with spinach and grated feta or pork in pepper cream sauce. The shop also offers chocolates, milk soaps, and cream-based liquors, though it can be hard to reach them through the hordes of German milk lovers.


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