Know here: World’s Most Beautiful Milk shop in Dresden, Germany

Know here, World's Most Beautiful Milk shop in Dresden, Germany

InfoMigrants informs Short Labour Shortage in Germany

Info migrants posted an update on 23 march 2023 about the labour shortage faced by Germany. To fill this difference, the government has imposed some regulations on employing non-European Union nationals through the Immigration Act for skilled workers there

Chancellor Scholz congratulates cast & director of movie “ALL QUIET ON WESTERN FRONT for winning Oscars

German chancellor Olaf Scholz congratulated the cast members and director of the movie ALL QUIET ON WESTERN FRONT for winning the Best International Film award on Sunday at the Oscars. This year, the movie received nine Oscar nominations

German ambassador to India praises India for incredibly organizing G-20 conference

On February 6, 2023, Philipp Ackermann, the German ambassador to India, said that the G20 summit hosted by the Indian government was exceedingly well-organized and that everyone was happy with the atmosphere

PSG knocked out from UCL round of 16 for fifth time in 7 years

Munich, Germany: For the fifth time in seven years, the French powerhouse Paris Saint-Germain was eliminated in the round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League

Germany provided protection to 75% of asylum seekers

About three-quarters of asylum applicants in Germany received refuge in 2022, a record-high number. According to the Left party, the record shows how terrible things have gotten in nations like Afghanistan

Chancellor Scholz met India’s best Business minds in Bengaluru, India

According to a tweet from Philipp Ackermann, the German ambassador to India, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke with the "amazing talents" of SAP India. Scholz met young Indians travelling to Germany in Bengaluru and saw "India's new face

Russia boosted missile attacks at eastern frontlines, killed 210 Ukrainian troops

According to the General Staff of Ukraine, who condemned Russia for its continuous aggression, Russian forces launched nine missiles, 28 airstrikes, and more than 40 MLRS attacks, which led to multiple injuries among Ukrainian soldiers operating the eastern front

Jaishankar’s popular comment on Europe remarked by Scholz at Munich security Conference

At the Munich Security Conference, German Chancellor Oalf Scholz highlighted S. Jaishankar's well-known remark about the "European worldview

Valetta’s residents paid tribute to thousands perished in Mediterranean Sea

A tribute was held in Malta's capital Valetta on Sunday, February 5, to commemorate the thousands of people who have perished trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, symbolized by shoes of all sizes laid out on the ground

Scholz greenlights decision to send Leopard 2 to Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has agreed to send Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine. He said, "We also support Ukraine in defending against Russia's aggression with arms. Many are concerned that the terrible war is drawing near. I promise: We make every decision with a view to the security of Germany and Europe

Battle of the Bulge touches 78 years mark

78 years before, on January 16, 1945, General George S. Patton’s Third Army elements and General Courtney Hodges’s (Section 2) First Army linked up in the small, battered Belgian town of Houffalize. This action effectively cut the German position in half during what was known as the Battle of the Bulge

Germany: Berlin residents attend Heavy Metal concert; more to come across Europe

A concert by the heavy metal group Alestorm, which was founded in Perth, Scotland, organised a heavy metal concert on January 15 in Berlin, Germany. Many people from Berlin and their supporters from around the world attended the performance to appreciate the heavy metal music

Chancellor Scholz slams Iranian Regime for executing two Iranian protestors

German chancellor Olaf Scholz criticised the Iranian Regime for executing two Iranian protestors, Mohammad Hosseini and Mohammad Mehdi Karami

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Revelations on sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

Revelations on sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

Know here: World’s Most Beautiful Milk shop in Dresden, Germany

Know here, World's Most Beautiful Milk shop in Dresden, Germany

Embassy announces opening of Ukrainian brands in Luxembourg

The Embassy of Ukraine in Belgium announced the official opening of Ukrainian brands in Luxembourg on Saturday, 18 March 2022, through their social media handle, highlighting their specialities in clothing, Home goods, design items and jewellery

Russia: President Putin to deploy tactical nukes in Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin has increased his nuclear threats against the West by sending Iskander ballistic missiles armed with tactical nuclear weapons to its ally Belarus

St Kitts and Nevis administration promotes agenda-driven change to increase water supply

Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: In order to fulfil the demands of an expanding agricultural sector and a growing population, the government of St. Kitts and Nevis is advancing its agenda to bring about change in the water services sector