Randal Kolo Muani, Paris Saint-Germain’s (PSG) third-most expensive signing in club history, finds adapting to life at the French powerhouse challenging.

Despite his struggles, France coach Didier Deschamps is backing the young striker steadfastly, urging critics to recognize his potential and give him the time he needs to shine.


Kolo Muani’s journey to PSG involved a staggering 95 million euros ($101 million) transfer from Eintracht Frankfurt in September, making him one of the club’s most significant acquisitions.

The move also reunited him with fellow French attackers Kylian Mbappé and Ousmane Dembélé, forming a trio that previously played together in the World Cup final against Argentina last year.

However, their performances, notably in the recent Champions League loss to AC Milan, have fallen short of expectations.

Despite the setbacks, Didier Deschamps has included Kolo Muani in the squad for the upcoming European qualifiers against Gibraltar and Greece, emphasizing his faith in the young striker’s abilities.

Deschamps defended Kolo Muani in a press conference, acknowledging the criticism but insisting that the striker has untapped potential.

Deschamps addressed the media on Monday, saying, “Ah, you don’t like Kolo. You are very hard on him. Too harsh. I may love him too much, but you don’t love him enough. You don’t see enough of what he can do, even though he can do better.”


With three goals and two assists in 11 matches for PSG, Kolo Muani’s numbers might not be groundbreaking, but Deschamps sees beyond the statistics.

Despite the challenging transition to playing with some of the world’s best at PSG, Kolo Muani has earned Deschamps’ trust, securing a spot in the national team for crucial European qualifiers.

France has already qualified for Euro 2024 in Germany, and Deschamps uses these qualifiers to fine-tune his squad.

The upcoming matches against Gibraltar and Greece will see playing time for all three centre forwards: Kolo Muani, Olivier Giroud, and Marcus Thuram.

Deschamps acknowledges areas where Kolo Muani can improve, particularly in playing with his back to the goal. However, he praises the striker’s versatility, emphasizing his ability to shift roles within the attack, even moving to the wing to support Mbappé.

Before joining PSG, Kolo Muani showcased his goal-scoring prowess with 23 goals in 46 matches last season and a solid start to the campaign.

Deschamps acknowledges the pressure that comes with such a high-profile transfer but believes Kolo Muani has the potential to meet the demands.

“Kolo was not far from being more than decisive,” Deschamps recalled, referring to Kolo Muani’s near-heroic moment in the World Cup final against Argentina.

In the dying seconds of extra time, Kolo Muani had a chance to secure victory, only to be denied by a remarkable save from Argentina’s goalkeeper Emi Martinez. France ultimately lost in a penalty shootout.

Deschamps understands that the move to PSG and the increased expectations come with a transition period. He emphasizes that Kolo Muani needs time to adapt and showcase his immense potential on the grand stage.

In conclusion, while Randal Kolo Muani faces challenges adapting to life at PSG, Didier Deschamps’ unwavering support and belief in the striker’s potential highlight his determination to groom him into a critical player for club and country.

As Kolo Muani navigates the pressures of a high-profile transfer and increased expectations, time will tell if he can rise to the occasion and become the goal-scoring force PSG and France envision him to be.


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