Anti-Fascist Activists Under Investigation After Alleged Assault on Minor in Paris

According to the prosecutor's office, the boy was approached by a group who questioned him about his relationship with Palestine, suspecting him of belonging to the Jewish Defense League.

Multiple Fatalities as Plane Collides with Power Cable, Crashes on Highway

The aircraft reportedly struck an electric power cable before crashing, creating a dramatic and tragic scene on one of France's busiest motorways. Emergency services quickly arrived at the site as bystanders captured footage of the incident, which led to a significant traffic backlog

Paris-Berlin Night Train Service Temporarily Suspended for Infrastructure Upgrades

The pause, expected to last until October 26, 2024, comes as both French and German railway authorities undertake critical maintenance work along key segments of their respective networks

Macron Warns of ‘Extremist Fever’ on Both Sides as France Heads to Snap Elections

Macron's decision to dissolve the National Assembly follows dismal European parliamentary election results, where Le Pen's National Rally secured over 30% of the vote, significantly outperforming Macron's party

Smoke Incident Temporarily Closes Versailles Palace

Although the palace press office assured The Associated Press that there was no fire, the sight of smoke was enough to trigger emergency protocols. Local firefighters promptly responded, swiftly extinguishing the source of the smoke

French State Dinner Menus Reveal 150 Years of Diplomatic Delicacies

The 4,000-plus menus were displayed in Paris before heading to auction this Friday, with the oldest menu dating back to an imperial dinner hosted by Napoleon III in 1868, still marked by wine stains from the evening

Renault’s Controversial Art Auction Sparks Outcry Over Cultural Heritage

The controversy originates from the collection's founding in 1967 by Claude Renard, a senior executive at the then state-owned Renault. Renard envisioned merging industry and contemporary art, a pioneering concept when art was not yet a commercialized commodity

Paris City Hall Votes to Increase Eiffel Tower Admission Price Amid Renovation

Currently, visitors embark on their ascent to the summit of the Eiffel Tower for €29.40 ($31.90). However, by June 17, that fee will rise to €35.30, marking a significant adjustment aimed at bolstering resources for the vital restoration efforts

Paris Police Station: Man Grabs Gun, Shoots Two Officers

In the 13th arrondissement of Paris, officers intervened at 10:00 pm, apprehending a suspect after a reported "very violent attack on a woman" with a box cutter, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Fatal Shooting in Bobigny, France Linked to Drug Trafficking; One Dead, Six Injured

According to prosecutors and the local mayor, the incident unfolded late Friday night near a cultural center in Sevran, situated between central Paris and Charles de Gaulle Airport

Paris Braces for Potential Garbage Collector Strike Amidst Olympic Preparations

The announcement, made by the CGT union branch representing trash collectors on Thursday, May 2, has raised concerns about the potential disruption to city sanitation services during a period expected to draw millions of tourists

Notre-Dame Restoration Nears Completion: A Testament to Resilience and Renewal

According to Philippe Jost, president of the overseeing public establishment, Notre-Dame's grand reopening is set for December 8, 2024. President Macron's vision to rebuild it "even more beautiful" nears fulfillment

Paris Authorities Probe Criminal Angle in Fatal Fire Tragedy

The Rue de Charonne fire investigation in Paris has shifted focus to a potential double homicide, raising suspicions of foul play. Emergency services responded to the blaze on April 7, prompting deeper scrutiny

Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship Takes Paris: International Combat Sports Clash at Dojo de Paris

Paris has become a thriving center for martial arts, attracting practitioners worldwide. ADXC, known for its high-octane bouts, will feature 14 intense jiu-jitsu and grappling matchups, promising another thrilling spectacle for fight fans

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French Military Intelligence Reports Spike in Foreign Interference

The French military intelligence agency, DRSD, has released a report highlighting a significant surge in foreign interference targeting the defense sector in 2023, with increased incidents of cyber thefts, blackmail, and fake job interviews primarily from Chinese and Russian actors

Greece Battles Record-Breaking Heatwave: Train Services Disrupted and Public Advised to Stay Vigilant

"Repairs are planned for when temperatures decrease," stated a spokesperson for the railway management. "The condition of the entire rail network is currently under review to ensure safety and prevent further disruptions"

France’s Basketball Teams Face Mixed Results in Pre-Olympic Warm-Up Against Serbia

Despite early contributions from rising star Victor Wembanyama, who scored seven of France's first nine points, the team ultimately succumbed to Serbia with a final score of 67-79

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Charged in Witness Tampering Case Linked to Nicolas Sarkozy’s Libyan Financing Investigation

Bruni-Sarkozy is accused of acting as an intermediary between her husband and Michèle Marchand, a well-known figure in the celebrity press and alleged orchestrator of an operation aimed at securing the withdrawal of Takieddine's allegations

PSG Makes €200 Million Bid for Napoli Stars Kvaratskhelia and Osimhen Following Mbappé’s Exit

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has submitted a staggering €200 million bid for Napoli's standout players Khvicha Kvaratskhelia and Victor Osimhen