The Global Institute of Aviation in Ghana has been seeking individuals who want to work in the Germany 2024 Seminar or have plans to work there. Interested applicants can join the Asylum Down Campus on Saturday, November 4, 2023.

The Session would be insightful based on providing knowledge and information about working in Germany. The session does not include any attendance fee. Interested candidates can contact or WhatsApp – 0505081215. The GIA German Classes are also going to be launched soon.

European countries like Germany currently need more skilled workers. 

As a result, unfilled job vacancies are on the rise. The government is looking at attracting more skilled labour from overseas into the country.

Due to ageing and shrinking populations in many EU countries, job vacancies usually filled by European workers are facing a lack of suitably qualified candidates. 

For this reason, the government is overhauling its immigration rules to make it easier for third-country nationals to work in Germany by introducing a “Job seeker visa”. The visa allows individuals to relocate to Germany and look for jobs by themselves.

Germany recently also sought students and workers for part of their workforce 2024-2026. Those who wish to study in Germany as an International student would have several benefits.

These Benefits are:-

  1. IELTS and German language are NOT required. 
  2. Bring your family with you
  3. Free education for your kids
  4. Students can work part-time
  5. Spouse or de facto partner can work full-time
  6. Apply for a post-graduate work permit after finishing your studies
  7. Affordable tuition and school fees
  8. Gain permanent residency

The applicants can also bring their own families to Germany. This is an excellent opportunity for them to gain expert guidance, valuable advice, and crucial insights to jumpstart their international education and career.

The Nation also provide students with several options to make their career. These include:-





International Health Management

Global MBA

Digital Marketing



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