Ghana: Global Institute of Aviation seeks workers for Germany 2024 Seminar

The Global Institute of Aviation in Ghana has been seeking individuals who want to work in the Germany 2024 Seminar or have plans to work there. Interested applicants can join the Asylum Down Campus on Saturday, November 4, 2023.

German-based Anna shares her remarkable experience of Volunteering in Israel

The Volunteer in Israel Programme introduced their new 21-year-old Volunteer, Anna, from Germany. She has volunteered for almost two years in a rehabilitation Village, ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran, in the South of Israel. She shared her experience with the Organisation and remarked on her special memories from volunteering in Israel.

KNOW HERE: Reasons to choose Germany to unlock dreams by Queensberry Abroad Consultant

CHOOSE GERMANY: Queensberry Abroad Consultant recently came up with an opportunity for people to unlock their Dream Career in Germany. They also shared some crucial reasons for choosing Germany as their ideal destination.

Ambassador Andreas Michael joins German European School in Manila

The German Ambassador to the Philippines, Dr Andreas Michael Pfaffernoschke, joined an event celebrating German Unity Day at the German European School Manila held last Friday, October 6, 2023.

World Vision Deutschland shares heart-wrenching story of 10-year-old Mariam

Germany's Leading nonprofit Organisation World Vision Deutschland recently shared a heart-wrenching story of Mariam, a ten-year-old girl from a small village in Aleppo, Syria, whose life took a devasting turn when a plane bombed her home.

Pianist Mark Ainley marks 151st Birth Aniversary of Well-known German Pianist Carl Friedberg

The Well-known German Pianist Carl Friedberg was one of the incredible Pianists of his time. Monday, September 18, 2023, marked the 151st birth anniversary of Carl Friedberg.

Save the Children Deutschland supports Hassan and his family

Save the Children Deutschland, the German-based non-profit Organisation, aims to serve the lives of children and protect their fundamental rights. This time, the Organisation has come to share the story of four-year-old Hassan and his family and how it supports them.

Claims Conference shares story of holocaust survivor Eva Fahidi

Claims Conference, Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, a non-profit organisation seeking justice for the Holocaust victims, has recently come forward to share the story of Eva Fahidi, a Holocaust survivor from Hungary.

Fiji: Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka opens German Embassy to strengthen its long-term commitment

Suva, Fiji: Demonstrating its commitment to strengthening relations, the Government of Germany opened its new embassy in Suva, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of its diplomatic ties with Fiji, which began on 1st August 1973.

“Save the Children Deutschland” shared updates about ongoing issues in Yemen

A Germany-based non-profitable organisation, Save the Children Deutschland, raised their concern over the children in Yemen who have to give up on their education due to several ongoing conflicts and crises.

Spielwelt shares experience of Kestrel and her father at German Australian Playschools

The Australian-based Non-profitable organisation, Spielwelt shared the experience of Kestrel and her father, who loved their organisation and its servings to promote the German Australian language and culture.

Famous American Author Caroline Linden visits Germany first time after 1989, shares experience

Famous American Author of Historical and Contemporary romance, Caroline Linden, visited West Germany recently after so many years. She compared her last trip of 1989 to Berlin, West Germany, with her recent 2023 trip and remarked many incredible things from it.

Philippines: Environmentalist Loren Legarda hosts Farewell gathering for German Ambassador Anke Reiffenstuel

Filipino Politician, environmentalist and Cultural worker and Former Journalist Loren Legarda extended her heartfelt pleasure and gratitude on the visit of the German Ambassador Anke Reiffenstuel to the Philippines. The two of them attended the meeting with fellow ambassadors and discussed various social and environmental topics.

Gabriel Germany commemorates World Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence Today

German-based women's organization which works in Advancing the Progressive Women's Movement in the Philippines and around the world, Gabriela-Germany, made their international Women's alliance to extend their strong support and solidarity with their comrades, gathered to commemorate the World Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in conflict today, on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, and to renew their commitment to fighting any form of violence against women.

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Paris Transport Authority Overhauls Response to Passenger Emergencies Ahead of Olympics

This decision comes in light of concerns raised by commuters experiencing frequent delays and breakdowns in the Paris metro, exacerbating anxieties as the city prepares to host the prestigious global event

Luis Enrique Confirms Mbappe’s PSG Exit: What’s Next for the World Cup Winner?

The announcement came not from PSG's management but from an unexpected source – Ligue 1 team manager Luis Enrique, who made a bold statement during a press conference following PSG's match against Rennes

Paris Apartment Linked to Epstein Scandal Sold at Discount Amid Lingering Controversy

The luxurious residence, once dubbed the "House of Sin," served as a hub for Epstein's heinous activities and reportedly hosted gatherings involving Prince Andrew and Epstein's associate, Jean-Luc Brunel

Irving Mclntyre meets US Ambassador Roger Nyhus, underscores mutual benefits

Acting Prime Minister expressed the nation’s desire to work continuously with the United States in order to enhance their relations by patterning with matters such as security for the development of the nation

Eiffel Tower Renovation Agreement Reached Amidst Salary Negotiations

This agreement follows demands from striking employees who sought a proportional increase in wages corresponding to the revenue generated from ticket sales. Salary negotiations, initiated this week, are anticipated to conclude next month