A Germany-based non-profitable organisation, Save the Children Deutschland, raised their concern over the children in Yemen who have to give up on their education due to several ongoing conflicts and crises.

As per the information obtained, The new school year in Yemen has just begun, the long holidays are over, and children are slowly adjusting to classes. However, due to the crisis and the years of conflict, many children in Yemen have to give up their education.


An estimated 2.7 million children cannot go to school because war is not stopping civilian institutions: Around 2,700 schools have been destroyed or damaged by fighting and airstrikes

While addressing this issue, Florian Westphal, managing director of Save the Children Germany, is currently in Yemen and shared some updates on the country’s situation.

“-a country that has been shaped by war and suffering for over eight years. There he attended, among other things, a school supported by Save the Children,” he said.

He talks about his impressions, the great help on site and moving conversations with teachers and parents.

The Parents of the children are now in great relief. When asked parents what had changed, they were extremely thankful for the new buildings, and with a feeling of happiness, they said, “Our children are now enjoying going to school again, and they are learning more than they used to.”

Earlier, the conditions were so miserable that many parents preferred sending their children to another primary school, which is 5km away from their place, where many children had to cross a busy and dangerous road to school.


Before the new classes were provided to the children in Yemen, the classes were scheduled to take place outside in the local areas, including outdoors, under trees, with little protection from the sun and wind.


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